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10 Smart Mobile Apps For Women

In today’s modern society, women are truly empowered in government, politics, education, business and home building. But no matter what career path you have taken, managing things the way you want can be stressful and tiresome. You have to manage your home, the monthly budget, the kids and have to go to work while still managing to have time for the things you want to do. Because of your busy schedule, your mobile phone can be your own personal assistant to help you make your life a little bit easier.

Below are some of the best 2018 women-specific apps that you can use to make your daily life manageable.

1. Cozi – iOS

One of the best apps for moms. It’s a free app and a good all-in-one family management app for writing shopping lists, journals and a feature for each child’s name to be color coded to spot where your kids need to be which eases the hectic family schedule.

2. Mint – iOS

A personal finance application to help you manage your finances. You will be able to see your spending and set your monthly budget. You can also use it when you want to start saving for a project or just want to know how much you’re actually spending every month to allot your budget to all your family and household needs.

3. Skin Matters – iOS

Looking beautiful while managing a career can be hard work, thus Skin Matters can help you look for the things that can make you as beautiful as you are. The app is designed by facialist Joanne Evans and helps you know what ingredients to look for, why you need to use them and which ones to avoid. You just have enter your age, gender and skin type and it will give all the information that you need.

4. Waze – Android and iOS

Gone are the days of using big paper maps and asking for directions when going to a place that you’re not familiar with. With the onset of GPS mobile phones, Waze has been very helpful to a lot of people in navigating traffic and finding places in real-time. The navigation app alerts you about traffic, road constructions, accidents and even the police.

5. Remember The Milk – Android and iOS

An app that helps you manage your to-do lists. It lets you organize everything you need to do into one easy to use list. It alerts you when one of your to-do items is approaching thus never missing any scheduled tasks that you need to do.

6. Etsy – Android and iOS

Etsy is the place to be if you’re searching for unique and handmade gifts that you cannot find anywhere else. The online shop has a huge selection of beautiful hand-made items, plus you can even talk with the shop owners about their products. And just like other online shops, you will be able to track the status of your order using this application. Happy shopping.

7. Safetipin – Android

One of the best safety apps for women. It tracks GPS location and adds emergency numbers to a one-touch alert message service. The application also shows safe places nearby that a user can go to in case of trouble or an emergency. Users can also pin any unsafe areas to help other app users.

8. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner – Android and iOS

Want to try something different for dinner? You don’t have to worry because Allrecipes Dinner Spinner gives you access to thousands of recipes in just a few taps. You can search for the all-time favorite dishes or check for any recipe that you want to try out for your family. If you become a member, you can also share your recipes to add to their lists. Now, what about a paella for tonight?

9. Headspace – Android and iOS

Want to have some peaceful downtime after all the work you’ve done for the day, but don’t know how to properly do it? Headspace offers tips, tutorials and videos on how you can achieve relaxation, boost self-esteem and fight depression. Relax, meditate and recharge and begin a new day well rested.

10. Where’s My Droid and Find My iPhone – Android and iOS

How many times have you forgotten where your phone is or your kids have taken your phone somewhere and it takes you hours of searching before finally showing up again. Where’s My Droid is for Android users. The app has the ability to turn your phone ringer up, making it easy to find your phone. It also uses GPS in tracking the phone’s coordinates. Find My iPhone is for iPhone users and has the same features as the android version. No more lost phones!

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    Hello, Cozi is a free mobile app and website that helps families stay organized. Its features allow multiple family members to manage appointments and schedules with one account, as well as organize and update shopping and to-do lists. Cozi also provides articles and recipes of particular interest to modern families

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    There are certain things which are very important for the women such as healthcare, baby care, recipe and many things which is available in the online in the form of app especially build for the women. Thee given list are also very efficient for the women.

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