Make Small Home Office Space Feel Bigger

5 Ways to Make Your Small Home Office Feel So Much Bigger

If you have a small office, less is more! Having fewer things in your home office can make it feel bigger.

Small rooms often have a cozy and comfortable feel and there’s a more relaxed and functional feel in it as compared to bigger offices. But it can be hard to achieve a big office effect without knowing what to do to make the room seem bigger than what it is.

How a person perceives a room depends on what they do.

The most common things that people do with small home offices is: they try to cram the same amount of things a big office would have into a small space, thus the small office would feel uncomfortably cramped.

What you can do instead is go for the minimalist route. Below are some tips to make your small office more spacious.

1. Know What You Need And Don’t Need

Some pieces of furniture may not be essential to your work at all. The three most important pieces of furniture that you need to have in your small home office are:

  • a good office chair
  • a large enough desk
  • a storage cabinet/drawer.

Before you add anything into your office, check where would it go and what function it would serve. Everything you put into your office should help you to be more productive and not get distracted.

2. Clear Your Office Of Clutter

Get rid of any old items that you don’t need in your office:

  • Old magazines
  • A large coffee table that takes up space in the middle of the room
  • an old cabinet that doesn’t have anything in it
  • old paper work
  • old appliances
  • old office supplies

Get rid of them!

3. Downsize Your Preferred Furniture

If you have a piece of furniture that you can’t live without in your office besides the desk, chair and storage cabinets, pick smaller versions of those pieces.

Also, you need to consider scale. A single oversized piece can probably help a room feel larger, but don’t overdo it. A large wall clock or a large framed artwork will do.

4. Choose Symmetry

You may want to have different designs or furniture in your small home office, but if you do, your office will just end up looking dysfunctional.

Choose matching furniture and fixtures to make the office space feel balanced.

5. Make Your Storage Disappear

The minimalist approach for a small home office is to downsize, but you cannot downsize everything.

What you need to do is to have the storage hidden from plain view. Open shelves can quickly take up space so hiding your storage is the way to go.

Sometimes, good things come in small packages, just like your home office!

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A version of this article was originally posted on Get Organized Wizard in 2018.

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