how to avoid distractions when working from home

How to Stop Being Side-tracked When Working From Home

Working from home can be great. By choosing to work from home, a person doesn’t need to commute each day or spend a lot of money on nice clothing for the office.

There are other perks, as well, such as being able to care for young children, take a break when needed, or bring in a paycheck even with physical disabilities or a limited ability to move or travel.

Unfortunately, there is one big downfall for people who work from home, and that involves getting distracted. All kinds of things can take a person’s attention away from their work, and it can be hard not to procrastinate, as well.

It’s so easy to realize that the bathroom needs to be cleaned or the laundry needs to be done. Then there are well-meaning friends and family members who may not understand that a person working from home really does have a job that they have to do.

Working from home isn’t always taken seriously, although that’s changing as more people find ways to make a living online from the comfort of their couch. Here are some things to consider when working from home, so becoming side-tracked is no longer an issue and the job can get done more easily.

1. Having a Set Place to Work Can Help

While not necessary for everyone, having a set place in the home to work from can make a big difference for people who get distracted or side-tracked easily. This space could be a complete home office, a desk in the dining room, or even the kitchen table. Some people work well just sitting on their couch.

Wherever a person decides to do their work from, they should work in the same space during set hours each time they are performing their job duties. That helps the brain realize that working is required during that time, and that distractions aren’t something to be appreciated or looked for.

Everyone who works from home has different ways of doing things and a different kind of set-up for their job. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as the set-up is effective. Some people can easily get to work and put all of their focus into one thing, while others get distracted by things around their house very quickly.

Determining which kind of person they are can help an at-home working find ways of reducing distraction problems through tips and tricks that work for them and meet their needs.

Whatever works can be a good choice, as long as it’s consistently effective.

2. For Many People, a Separate Room is Necessary

A separate room isn’t always required, but for most people it’s easier and more efficient. Some work-at-home jobs need a person to be on the phone frequently, and a quieter environment is needed for that.

Additionally, working in a separate room with the door closed sets the tone for the day, and makes it clear that being home doesn’t mean not doing anything or watching TV on the couch.

Without good structure, anyone who works from home can struggle to get things done. It’s also easier to leave work behind at the end of the day if working hours are confined to one room in the house.

3. Make the Room Feel Comfortable, and Plan Out Days Ahead of Time

People don’t want to stay in a room they don’t feel good about.

Having a window in the room and some plants to brighten up the space can be helpful. Maybe a different color on the walls or changing the decor would also make the room a better place to work. No matter how good the room is, though, it won’t help if the worker doesn’t stay in it and get the job done. That’s why having a calendar is so important.

Planning days, times, lunch breaks, and other activities all matters. Make sure time is scheduled to eat, pick up children from school, and attend activities or functions that are important.

In addition, makes sure any colleagues that have interactions during the day know what kind of availability is offered. For people who work from home and live with other people who are home during the day, having a calendar and set working hours can make all the difference in getting things done. It can also reduce the chance of aggravation from being interrupted or disturbed by others in the household.

For people who have just started working from home, there is an adjustment period for everyone in the house to understand the seriousness of the job and the set working hours.

Being side-tracked when working from home can happen so easily, and may still occur sometimes. But by following these tips, it’s less likely that being side-tracked will be a problem for any at-home worker.

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