How do I come up with a daily routine to put everything in its place?

Putting everything in its place can make people feel a lot better, and that’s true for both physical items and tasks that need to be completed. Unfortunately, if that’s not done daily it can really build up and become overwhelming. The best way to keep things neat is to put those things away every single day. How can someone do that when they’re already busy with their lives? There are a lot of different ways. It all comes down to organization, and the discipline to complete specific tasks every day. Here are some of the best ways to coordinate a daily routine, get tasks completed, and keep everything in its place.

1. Create a Consistent Sleep Pattern

Quality sleep

A lot of people don’t think about sleeping as a part of their daily routine, but quality sleep is very important. Without good sleep, it can be much harder to focus during the day and get things done. Additionally, people need to have a consistent schedule for sleeping, or they struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep. Everyone’s body has a sleep-wake rhythm that it gets used to, and continually adjusting that — by sleeping late on weekends, for example — makes it harder to follow a daily routine and get proper sleep each night.

2. Make To-Do Lists for Tasks

Especially for people who are visual thinkers, a to-do list can really help. That kind of list gives the person a visual representation of the things they need to do that day, so they can mark off each task as it’s addressed. Not only does that create a sense of accomplishment, but it reduces the chances that people will forget something important that they are supposed to do that day, or that week. Most people make to-do lists on a daily basis, but weekly or even monthly to-do lists can also be effective. It’s all down to what works best for each person.

3. Use a Planner or Calendar

Use a Planner or Calendar

Having a planner or a calendar is another excellent way to complete tasks on time and avoid forgetting important things. By adding things to the calendar or the planner when they’re thought of, there won’t be a need to remember them later. It’s easy to simply look and see what’s on the calendar. That’s very similar to making a list, but for some people it’s easier to see things listed on a specific date. It can provide a better idea of what’s coming up, so a bit of advanced planning can be incorporated into the routine to make things easier.

4. Take Breaks to Recharge

Take Breaks to Recharge

When people don’t take breaks to rest, they can easily get overwhelmed and unhappy. Once that happens, not as much gets done. To avoid that, and accomplish more each day, taking breaks is essential. Some people like to walk around on their breaks. Some might prefer to rest or look through social media. No matter what they choose to do, though, they should take an actual break from everything. Only stopping one task to do another task is not the same thing as a break, and may not result in any real value.

5. Schedule Hobbies and Healthy Activities

Hobbies matter, and so does a person’s health. Among the best things anyone can do to put everything in its place with a daily routine is schedule all the things that matter to them, as well as the things they have to do. That way, hobbies are still valued and people still make time for their health. If they don’t schedule these things, it’s too easy for them to get pushed aside by the work that needs to be completed. Work is very important, of course, but there needs to be a good balance, too.

6. Prioritize Tasks by Urgency and Importance

Some tasks really are more urgent or important than others. When those tasks are prioritized and listed first, it’s easier to develop a daily routine where everything gets done. Otherwise, some easier or more fun tasks may get accomplished, but something that isn’t really too enjoyable will get pushed aside. To avoid that, make sure that the to-do list or planner lists things in order of importance. There will be a better chance of everything getting done, and all the important areas of life will be covered.

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  1. Jamie A says:

    My problem is my monthly cycle….everything is so great during first two weeks estrogen dominant and then it all.comes crashing down during last half progesterone dominant time, and then the first two weeks estrogen time are amazing and spent cleaning up from previous two weeks progesterone laziness and the cycle continues.

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