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Get Organized And Be Productive in 2020

Your 2020 Declutter Calendar

Who wants to be more productive and organized in 2020?

Our two popular diaries are fantastic tools for you to get more done, get rid of clutter, and feel more organized.

They’re both instantly downloadable and fully interactive.

Download the Diaries for $9


You can get our popular Goals & Priorities Diary and Organize-In-5 Diary, both updated for the new year, at the extra-special price of just $9 for both (that’s $4.50 each!).

They’re normally $29.00 – so that’s a discount of 69%!

How To Get The Diaries For Only $9

To get the diaries for this price simply click on the link:

Goals & Priorities Diary and Organize-In-5 Diary

These special prices are only available until mid-January – so be quick!

Goals & Priorities Diary

If you want a structured way to turn your goals into daily tasks that you actually get done, then you’ll love the Goals & Priorities Diary.

It contains:
Goals & Priorities Diary

  • Monthly Goals Planners that guide you to set and plan your goals for the month
  • Daily Priorities Planners that help you focus each day on your top priorities first
  • Goals Lists for you to brainstorm your goals for the current and next year
  • Goals Achieved And Rewards Log that help you recognize and celebrate successes.

It’s a simple but powerful approach that helps you spend time where it counts, and have more time for
goals that genuinely matter.

The Goals & Priorities Diary is interactive – you can type, save, search, and edit. Save it to your desktop
so you’re reminded every morning to open it and get to work on your goals and priorities. You can also view your Goals & Priorities Diary from your iPhone or iPad.

Or print it out and write in it, if you prefer pen and paper.

The Goals & Priorities Diary is a structured and motivating way to organize your life, achieve your goals, and get important things done.

Current Year Goals Monthly Goals Planner Daily Priorities Planner Goals Achieved & Rewards

Current Year Goals

Monthly Goals Planner

Daily Priorities

Goals Achieved
& Rewards

Organize In 5 Diary

The perfect way to declutter your way through the year. A little each day.

What if you could organize your home, computer, health, time, and relationships in just 5 minutes a day?

With the interactive Organize-In-5 Diary, you can! It’s the time-poor, busy person’s solution to an organized life.

Without the stress.Organize in 5 Diary

You get a 5-minute organization task for every day of the year – well, once a week you reward yourself with a
5-minute relaxation task. We even provide a timer!

Day by day you tackle home, work, closet, computer, health, finances, time management, relationships, and family.

Organize In 5 Diary takes a small amount of time and effort each day, but the gains add up.

Without it feeling like you’re doing much, you soon create a decluttered home and more organized life.

All Courses Customers

Of course, if you’ve purchased the All Courses bundle then your Organize in 5 Diary and Goals & Priorities Diary has already been added to your Get Organized Gal account.

Pretty, pretty cool, huh?

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