Stuck at Home Organizing Bundle

Stuck at Home Bundle (save 89%)

Craig here from the Get Organized Wizard Customer Support team.

We wanted to let you know about a special offer we’ve been running lately – we first tested it with a small group from our community to see if it was useful – and now that the response has been been positive we’re sharing it more widely.

It’s a bundle offer to help everyone who is ‘stuck at home‘ at the moment.

It’s definitely a tough time for everyone, so we’ve prepared a bundle of our 3 most popular home organising, time management and home office programs, at a terrific discount.

The #StuckatHome Bundle Includes $87 worth of programs for just $9

There’s full details below about the programs that are included, but before we get to that I wanted to let you know we have a special rate of just $1 for any health care workers, pensioners or unemployed (details on that below as well).

Click here to Grab the Stuck @ Home bundle for $9

About the Stuck at Home Bundle

The bundle includes our 3 most popular home organizing, productivity and home office programs:

  • 7 Days to an Organized Home Office (usually $29)
  • 7 Days to a Dramatically Decluttered Home (usually $29)
  • 7 Days to Better Productivity & Time Management (usually $29)

Further details about each program below:

7 Days to an Organized Home Office

7 Days to an Organized Home Office

A motivating program to help you create your perfect home office – decluttered, streamlined, organized.

Over 7 days, Michele’s program helps you deal with the practicalities of:

  • Decluttering your office of paper and paraphernalia you don’t need
  • Simplifying the way you use your office space
  • Organizing your desk, filing, paperwork, books, magazines, and office supplies.

But she also helps you deal with the habits that cause paper overload and office clutter in the first place – so your home office stays organized.

7 Days to a Dramatically Decluttered Home

7 Days to a Dramatically Decluttered Home

In this program Michele helps you radically reduce the amount of junk, clutter, and excess STUFF in your life.

All in just 7 days, 1 hour a day!

Over 7 days, the program guides you to:

  • Make a life-changing mindset shift so you can finally part with unneeded stuff
  • Know how and where to start decluttering – and to make that start
  • Be able to make decisions about things you might need one day
  • Decide how much stuff is the right amount for you
  • Work out exactly what to keep and what to let go, room by room
  • Choose what to do with your decluttered stuff – sell, donate, toss?
  • Get rid of clutter – even when there’s nowhere uncluttered to work
  • Deal with kids’ clutter
  • Rediscover your surfaces – yes they’re still under there somewhere!
  • Learn how to keep clutter at bay – for life
  • Cope with other people’s clutter.

Each day’s task takes about 1 hour.

7 Days to Better Productivity & Time Management

7 Days to Better Productivity & Time Management

7 Days To Better Productivity & Time Management is an online program that helps you to get more done, and to do more of what matters, every day.

Over 7 days, it will help you to:

  • Spend your best time on your top priorities
  • Set up a radically effective time-management system
  • Learn better habits for working productively and for avoiding distractions and time wasters.

Each day’s task takes about 1 hour.

Unlike approaches that focus on techniques and tricks, this program will lead you to completely re-think the way you manage your projects, your time, your mind, and yourself. You’ll learn how to work with your preferences so you enjoy more natural motivation and need less willpower. You’ll change the way you work.

Get All 3 Programs For $9 (89% off)

Get all 3 of these programs for just $9 for a limited time:
Click here to get the Bundle for $9

Special Discount for Healthcare workers, pensioners and unemployed – get the bundle for just $1

If you’re a healthcare worker, pensioner or unemployed due to the coronavirus situation we’re making the bundle available to you for just $1. (Yes, we don’t actually make any money on this once payment processing and other fees are taken out).

Full details about the coupon code to use and how to apply it are available on the product page – simply visit this page and scroll down to the bottom half for the full details.

To all the healthcare workers we want to say a big thank you to you for your service.

Our No Tears Policy

As usual, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all our products. If you’re not happy with any of our courses or products (even if you just change your mind) simply contact us within 30 days and we’ll organise a full refund for you.

So, feel confident in checking out the bundle:

Get Started Today with the Stuck @ Home Bundle for $9

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