How to Organize Small Living Spaces

How to Organize Small Living Spaces

Tight spaces can be challenging to organize. Nonetheless, more and more people desire smaller homes, according to the latest data. They want to save money and spend less time on household chores. On the other hand, compact living spaces are nothing new for many residents of big cities. The right techniques can help you succeed at organizing a tiny house, dorm room, studio apartment or RV.

1. Minimalism

Acquire new belongings very selectively. Try to only buy products you need rather than things you want (regardless of the price). Don’t let people persuade you to accept superfluous stuff they don’t want anymore. Think about where you’ll keep an item before you take possession of it. Remember that the easiest way to avoid clutter is often to say “no thanks.”

Think before acquiring new belongings, only buy products you need

2. Decluttering

Don’t let things pile up. Set aside some time to tackle clutter each month. While it can seem like a tempting solution, cramming everything into random parts of the bedroom closet doesn’t count! Be sure to give away, sell or trash excess items before they overwhelm your living space. If you truly need something, find a logical and accessible place to keep it.

3. Maximize Space

Make the most of vertical space instead of just putting things on the floor. Think about installing cabinets, hooks, hangers, racks or shelving on walls. Free up table and desk space by hanging pictures on nails. Do you own a lot of footwear? If so, a shoe organizer will reduce the space it occupies and helps you quickly find specific shoes.

  • Coat and hat racks
  • Anything wall-mounted
  • Tall, narrow cabinets
  • Stackable containers
Maximize space with organizers and storage containers

Don’t overlook the storage areas under sofas and beds. For instance, you could keep folding chairs and tables beneath this furniture when you’re not using them. You can also buy wide, low storage containers that fit under beds and hold a wide range of smaller belongings. This is a convenient place to keep seasonal items like summer clothes or holiday decorations.

4. Furnishings

Multifunctional furniture can help you get the most out of cramped rooms. Is your sleeping area rather small? If so, consider buying a bed with built-in drawers for clothing storage. Murphy beds offer another space-saving solution. After sleeping, you can easily push this type of bed so it stands vertically against a wall. This also makes under-bed cleaning a breeze!

Other parts of the home could benefit from multifunctional furnishings as well. For example, you can use a sleeper sofa, storage bench or expandable table. If you buy a desk or table, choose one with at least one drawer. Furniture with casters may also make it less difficult to organize a small home and rearrange rooms for different purposes.

When you combine routine decluttering, efficient use of space and clever storage locations with a minimalist mindset, a tiny living area becomes quite versatile and meets all of your needs. Remember you can always turn to for helpful advice on every aspect of this process.

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  1. Max Beck says:

    It’s such a great idea to use multi-functional furniture so that you are making good use of the limited space available. My parents are looking for an apartment that will fit their needs much better. They don’t want to worry about maintaining a bigger home anymore.

  2. Alice says:

    Indeed these are some great ideas to make the most out of the space available. Smartly space issue can be tackled easily with tips like you shared.
    Keep sharing more ideas like this.

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