How to structure your day to improve your health

How to structure your day to improve your health

Living in chaos (or just being messy and disorganized) can take a toll on your mental and physical health. While some individuals prefer to keep things loose, in the long run, they may be at risk for running themselves ragged without some structure in place.

Consider how much time you spend looking for lost things such as car keys or your phone, delaying your journey. 

Or if you want to run an errand to shop for items in two stores, but forget to make a stop along the way at a third business, it means you have to go out again. This wastes time, fuel, and attention. And having to make up a trip could mean taking time out of another important task that day.

Here is information about why and how to better structure your day and boost your health.

1. Give yourself a break from time to time

If you don’t step away from your demanding tasks, whether at work, school, or home, you could wind up exhausted, leaving you more vulnerable to getting sick. Take regular breaks, turning away from your tools, computer, or customers so you can rest and recharge, every day.

Give yourself a break

2. Reduce your working hours, if possible

While you may not have much flexibility at your job today, see if you can minimize your hours by arranging for some flex time or to work from home. But if your job can’t accommodate your need to work less, for the sake of your health, it might be time to start looking for another job or even change your career path.

3. Try some gentle movement

Instead of sitting in the break room or watching short videos on your phone while eating lunch, consider going for a nice walk for half of your mealtime break. You’ll look forward to getting some fresh air. Punctuating your workday with exercise as well as nutritious meals will give you some structure.

4. Focus on eating nutritious foods

Junk food from vending machines, fast food, and dodgy food trucks may give you a quick hit of calories, but it’s not really a substitute for proper, healthy meals. You can pack your own vegetables and fruits from home for snacks, and find healthier restaurants near your workplace.

Focus on eating nutritious foods

5. Do something restorative, just for you

Maybe a trip to a day spa with a friend, or attending a cultural event like a great movie, play, or concert is what you need to unwind and have some fun. Or, look for a fun adult education class in your area. Perhaps you would like to learn about meditation, yoga, or how to do a certain type of exercise. These are examples of restorative activities that can serve as springboards for your imagination.

6. For Better Health, People Add Structure to Make the Most Out of Each Day

It’s not always so easy to carve time out of your busy schedule to take care of yourself too. Making a habit to structure your daily tasks will give you more freedom, so you can be productive as well as get the rest you deserve and need.

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  2. Ganaderia Sevilla says:

    Wonderful post. In my day to day, I lack organization and that is why I think I have very good health, but I could have better health if I had a good organization and good habits. Thanks for giving me ideas.

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