Tips for an Organized Thanksgiving

Tips for an Organized Thanksgiving

It pays to be as organized as possible when you are preparing for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday feast. You already have plenty of tasks ahead of you as the nights grow shorter and your guests are due to arrive. It’s a good idea to start figuring out what you want to serve now, rather than later when you will be even more pressed for time.

Busy mothers who are on the go can use these tips to help them get more organized, to make this the best Thanksgiving ever!

1. Create Your Grocery List

If you start planning what you will serve at Thanksgiving, your life will be a lot easier. You can base your list on the same items you’ve been getting each year, but switch things out as needed, such as to accommodate someone’s food allergy or to make sure you have food to serve to someone with special needs, such as a vegetarian.

2. Pick Out Your Guest’s Favorite Beverages Now

You don’t want to be empty-handed when it comes to pouring out the libations. From wines, beers and spirits for adults to soft drinks and juice for the young ones, get your drinks squared away now since they will last on your shelves or in your fridge well ahead of the holiday feast day.

pick out your guest's favorite beverages

3. Simplify Thanksgiving Meal Preparation

The more you can do to streamline your Thanksgiving preparation, the better. This could mean making only two different pies (such as pumpkin and pecan) instead of five varieties. Pick dishes that you already feel confident in preparing, to minimize fuss and mess. It will also take less time if you stick with familiar foods.

4. Create Thanksgiving Side Dishes That Freeze Well

When you can prepare some side dishes now, well ahead of time, it will make Thanksgiving day go much more smoothly. From mashed potatoes to vegetable dishes to gravy, you can save precious hours by making some of these dishes now. Remember to label frozen dishes as being for Thanksgiving so no one in your family accidentally eats them before the holiday.

5. Take Out Your Fancy Serving Dishes and Wash Them Now

You already know you want to use certain dishes for the celebration, so it makes sense to get them ready now. It’s just one less chore on your to-do list that you can get out of the way now.

take out your fancy serving dishes

6. Devise a Thanksgiving Holiday Cooking Schedule

Figure out how long it will take to cook the main dish (such as a turkey or ham) so you know when you need to start preparation. The same goes for any side dishes or salads that you cannot prepare ahead of time for storage in the freezer

7. Have a Great Thanksgiving!

When you take a few moments to get organized ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, you will make more effective use of your limited time. This means you can actually spend more time enjoying the holiday and spending time with friends, family and neighbors instead of stressing out with all of the preparation and tasks before you.

And most of all, be thankful – here’s 100 things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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