Thankful Thanksgiving

100 Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

The holidays are fast approaching and for our friends in the United States, it’s that time of year when families sit down, have a wonderful dinner, enjoy some turkey and be thankful for all the things that have happened throughout the year.

There are a million things to be thankful for, and below we list our top 100 things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Is your favorite on this list?

1. Family

Family is the foundation. Grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, nieces and grandkids. Russian model Irina Shayk once said “Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food and relaxing”.

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2. Clean Air

The air we breathe every day. We can live without food and water for a while, but without air we wouldn’t survive beyond a few minutes.

3. Children

Children bring such love and light to your life. It might be your kids, nieces, nephews, or grandkids. There would be no tight hugs, no surprises, endless love and chaos without kids. Enjoy them while they are young.

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4. Parents

Without our parents, we would not be here! Our parents have sacrificed a lot to make our lives as comfortable and loving as possible. If you are lucky enough to have your parents still with you, thank them and take care of them as much as possible because they will not be around forever.

5. Moms

Thank you for all the moms around the world for loving us unconditionally without any questions. They are a source of comfort, a beacon of safety and a positive influence in our lives.

6. Dads

Thank you for all the dads that taught us to be strong-willed, to be fighters, to be gentlemen and to have honor in life.  Thank you for treating all mothers and daughters like queens and princesses.

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7. Water

An adult human body is about 50%-65% water, while infants are around 75%-78% water. We need water in all its forms because it keeps us alive. Rain, seawater, lakes, rivers, sweat and tears. Having access to clean water is a privilege – if you have it, be thankful, much of the world does not.

8. Friends

What is life without friends who will stick with you through thick and thin? Friends who will go with you for scooter rides, parties, going to movies and laughing at you whenever you’re being silly.

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9. Being Mobile

Imagine not being able to move whenever we want or being able to move from one place to another. Let’s be thankful for the invention of the bike, motorcycle, skateboard, scooter, train, car, plane or wheelchair, which enable us all to move around.

10.  A Great Home Decoration

Give yourself a pat on the shoulder if you have decorated your home perfectly as you’ve wanted and family and friends complimented you for it.  Yay you! Be thankful for your creativeness and home organization skills.

11.  Love

Love is all you need. Enough said!

12. Books

For some, books are a guilty pleasure, for others a daily necessity. Books bring joy and receiving a book that you’ve always wanted as a gift and reading it non-stop gets you feeling pretty happy!

13. Music

Music breaks barriers and is very good at making people relax or jump, cry or think. Music truly is a universal language.

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14. Pie

Leftover pies for breakfast is one of the best things in life. Same goes with leftover turkey or ham. In fact, leftover anything is pretty good…

15. Desserts

We all know (or are) a sweet tooth who can’t say no to desserts. Blueberry cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, apple pies, pumpkin pies, chocolate fondues, candied fruits and other desserts are always highlights of any occasion.

16. Pay Day

Checking your account during pay day is always a treat. Who doesn’t feel great on pay day!  Think about your budget, utility bills and other expenses later.

17. Your Job

Be thankful for having a job that will earn you money and put food on the table for your family. Find a good balance between yourself, your family and your job.

18. The Sun and The Moon

Witnessing a sunrise and lovely sunsets is always incredible. Full moons at night always bring in the romantic mood. It also makes you think how small we are in the grand scheme of things.

19. A Good Laugh

It could be a joke you’ve heard, something silly that happened or a good comedy movie. A good and hearty laugh is always welcome. When was the last time you had a good belly laugh?

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20. Mistakes

Admit it or not, the mistakes you’ve made served a huge purpose in your development and maturity. According to author/writer Phyllis Theroux, “Mistakes are the usual bridge between inexperience and wisdom”. Learn from your mistakes and share the gained wisdom with your friends and family.

21. Health

Sometimes it’s not until we get sick that we realize how important health is. Look after your mind, body and spirit and be thankful for good health days.

22. Healthcare

Hopefully, you have access to good healthcare. During times when you are not feeling your best, be thankful that the investment you make in healthcare will carry you through tough times.

23. That Special Someone

Your person. That person who just gets you. It might be your partner, your sister, your childhood friend. Be thankful to have at least one person in your life who knows the real you (and loves you anyway!).

24. Healthy Relationships

Be thankful for healthy relationships that help you grow and become and a better person. This might be a relationship with your family, your boss, your local store owner.

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25. Home Grown Food

Who’s lucky enough to grow their own food? Often it’s not about economics, rather than the joy of planting seeds, nurturing it, watching it grow and then savouring the taste.

26. Sunshine

Depending on where you live, there might be an abundance of sunshine (hello to our Australian members) or periods of less sunny days (hello to our UK members). A lack of vitamin D can lead to depression so be thankful for what you can get and safely immerse yourself in the ‘sunshine vitamin’.

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27. Hot Showers

Whether it’s a wake-up call in the morning, or washing away the day, having a warm shower is the best!

28. Service Businesses

Thanks to all the small service business owners who offer to iron our clothes, mow our lawns, wax our bodies, paint our nails, service our cars, fix our ovens, deliver meals to the elderly and walk our dogs.

29. Online Shopping

Thanks to the wonderful world of technology that allows us to order items online and have them delivered straight to our door!

30. Reciprocated Love

Never a better feeling!

31. Hugs

Hugs come in all forms, but I’m thankful for those hugs that envelop you with comfort and warmth and make you feel special.

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32. Walking

Two perfectly healthy legs that help us get around each day.

33. Curiosity

The world is a wondrous place, and thanks to curious people there are inventions that delight, entertain and make our every-day living easier.

34. Netflix

We all love Netflix after long days and on rainy afternoons.

35. Medicine

The science world continues to work at a high pace to eradicate illnesses and make our bodies function effectively.

36. Food Home Delivery

Thank you to that pizza delivery boy or girl who delivers piping hot pizza to your door.

37. Coffee

A liquid hug for your brain.

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38. Wine

*See Coffee

39. Vacations

Whether it’s a family holiday or a romantic getaway, a holiday should be on everyone’s to-do list!

40. Rainy Days

Rainy days soothe the soul and nourish the garden. Rainy days rock.

41. Flowers

Used for celebrating and commiserating, the purpose is to make you feel special. Good job flowers!

42. Brownies

Nom nom nom

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43. Daylight Savings Time

More time to get things done (or more time to relax)!

44. Sunday Sleep-Ins

Well, not every Sunday, but when it happens, it’s the best!

45. Bunny Rabbits

Why not, they’re cute!

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46. Critiques

There are few people that are brutally honest about your faults. True, they may seem rude at first but these criticisms are showing your faults which you can correct and ultimately make yourself stronger and more self aware.

47. Catching Up With Old Friends

It’s always good to catch up with old friends that you haven’t seen in years. Meet them in a restaurant or set up a small party with good food and drinks.

48. Wifi

You have to appreciate that you can connect anywhere in the house without any cables. There used to be a time when you would get disconnected when someone picked up the phone!

49. A Good Champagne

Bubbles for a celebration or just for fun!

50. Colors

The holidays would be very boring without them. Mother Earth would be a boring place to live in if everything was in monochrome.

51. Pets

Aside from your kids, your pets are the next big bundle of joy. Dogs and puppies are always pleasers, cats are prima donnas, but still, we love ‘em all.

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52. Food

Food is sustenance …  food is love.

53. Inspirations and Influences

Everyone has looked up to someone as inspiration or as an influence. It can be your parents, relatives, professor, teacher, coach, a band, a scientist or anyone that made a difference in your life. They inspired you to reach your goal and to be what you are today.

54. Vacations

Waking up and doing nothing and not thinking about work. You can stay at home, read a book, watch a movie or go to the beach, have a barbecue and surf.

55. Kindness

Kindness still works, especially random kindness. You don’t need to post about it on Facebook because it defeats the purpose. True kindness encourages hope for humanity.

56. Binge watching

If you haven’t caught up on “Game Of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, Stranger Things, Narcos The Flash, Gotham” and other TV series, this is the time. This goes for movies as well!

57. Binge Reading

After finishing off the series or movies, you can read the books that inspired them! The books are in many cases much better.

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58. Simple Comforts

A warm blanket, soft pillows, a comfortable bed, clean water are just some of the simple comforts that many take for granted.

59. Freedom

You’re lucky that you have the freedom to choose what life you want to have.

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60. Modern Technology

Modern technology has made our lives easy. Modern technology has also made the world smaller by providing mobile and smart devices that anyone can use to talk to family and friends on the other side of the world.

61. A Warm and Hearty Meal In a Comfortable Place

If it’s raining or snowing heavy, a warm and hearty meal will be perfect and that perfect place is your house, your parent’s house or your grandparent’s house. A bowl of hot beef stew and slices of bread will always make you feel better and fuller.

62. Falling Leaves

It’s always good to dive in on raked leaves. Just make sure that there are enough leaves to cushion your fall though, or just let your kids or pets enjoy them.

63. Waking Up to Another Day

Be thankful that you wake up to another day and to fulfil your goal for yourself and your family. Although days may seem faster when you get older, be thankful that you can spend them with your friends and love ones.

64. Weekends

Ah yes, weekends are just like mini vacations every week ….. unless you work on weekends that is.

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65. Google

During the 90s, “Netscape” was king and Yahoo ruled over the internet search engines. Now, Google is king and it’s a household word. Whenever you want to find something on the internet, just Google it.

66. Great Co-workers

Good and authentic friendship can happen in a workplace and if you’ve good friends at work, then be thankful. It makes your work hours bearable and fun.

67. Naps

Finding some time to take a nap is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Naps are refreshing and cosy.

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68. Forgiveness

Giving and receiving forgiveness is one of the best feelings a human can get. Dump your pride and ego, give forgiveness and you shall also receive it when you need it.

69. Your Blanket

It can be your old blanket or a new one, a nice blanket to wrap yourself into is like a warm hug to comfort you while binge watching Game of Thrones.

70. Holiday Sales

Holiday sales are everywhere and it’s fun to hunt the best deals for a toy, a tech gadget, a power tool, clothes, shoes and food. Just don’t overdo it and blow your budget.

71. The Internet

Without the internet communications would be slower and expensive. Information would not be available 24/7 and you would not be able to Facetime your loved ones.

72. Candles That Smells Like The Holidays

Candles that smell like Christmas adds to the festive mood during the holidays, plus the candlelight twinkles like fairies during the night.

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73. Politicians

Just kidding 😉  Although it is good to be thankful for the politicians out there doing the right thing and listening to their people.

74. Your Favorite Hot Drink

Warm milk, cocoa, brandy in your coffee or a warm sake while wrapped in your warm blanket reading a book or watching a movie at home with your girlfriend, boyfriend, family or best friends.

75. Making It Through The Semester With Your Sanity

School is always a challenge, a learning battle that needs to be won! 

76. Graduating School

Elementary, high school or college, when you graduate you move up to another world where there are challenges that need to be conquered and goals to reach. See #74.

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77. Massages

After having a hot shower a good whole body massage is always a treat.

78. The Smell of Newborn Babies

The smell of newborn babies, because they smell good and science has backed up why we like it.

79. Long Walks

Long walks on the beach, park or anywhere you feel like walking, watching people go, feeling the sun, the wind or the moonlight. It’s just wonderful.

80. Receiving a Handwritten Note or Letter

Everyone’s into e-mail, texts or private messages today and receiving a handwritten letter really warms the heart. It’s more personal and you know that person took the time to write something wonderful about you.

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81. The Freedom of Who You Want To Be

Being yourself without anyone questioning you and everyone accepting you because you’re just being you.

82. Baby Giggles

Thinking of your kids laughing when they were young puts a smile on your face.

83. Chocolates

Dark, White or Milk, chocolate is chocolate and no one can say no to chocolate.

84. A Full Pot of Coffee In The Morning

Nothing beats a pot of hot coffee the morning after Thanksgiving with lots of leftover pies, desserts and turkey for breakfast.

85. Watching Children Play and Have Fun

Children playing and having fun is happiness in its purest form.

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86. A New Pillow

The smell and the feel of a new pillow is just heaven.

87. The Smell and Feel of Books

eBooks aren’t for everyone and most people are still old school when it comes to reading. The smell of a new book and the feel of paper whenever you turn a page is the best part. Can you put a wonderfully crafted book marker on your tablet or computer screen? NO!

88. Silmarillion, The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings

Thank you JRR Tolkien. Holiday or no holiday, these books are always tops. If you haven’t read them yet, you should!

89. Amazon

The convenience of shopping for something without leaving your house and getting the delivery a day or a few days after is like Christmas.

90. The Opportunity to Learn Something New Everyday

It’s always good to learn something new everyday, a new hobby or a new skill will always enrich you as a person and can give balance to a hectic work week.

91. Grandparents

Besides delicious food and the extra money they give 😉  grandparents are a wealth of knowledge and want the best for their family.

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92. Best Friends

My best friend died in a motorcycle accident 5 years ago. We were thick as thieves since our elementary days and he’s the one who convinced me to form our own high school band and play music and impress girls. Happy times and I’m still so thankful for all the time we spent together, as you should be with your best friends!

93. In-ear Headphones

If you want to be isolated and not listen to the buzz around you, in-ear headphones are there to help!

94. Quiet Time

Just doing nothing without all the noisy distractions around you. Makes you think of life and what you’ve done to all the people around you. Positive or not.

95. Understanding That You Can’t Control Everything

The realization that you cannot control everything and can just let things run their course.

96. End Results

That it still worked out in the end. See #98

97. Hearing Your Favourite Song

You’re walking through the shopping mall or listening to the radio and your favourite song comes on! There’s no better feeling. This one is an instant mood lifter.

98. Unexpected Surprises

When someone has been thinking of you and gives you a present or does something nice for you, and you never expected it! It makes you feel happy and thankful for that person.

99. The First Signs of Spring

Hearing the birds start to chirp, new flowers growing and a fresh change in the air. That’s when you know spring is coming, and it’s always welcome!

100. To Be Alive

Nothing compares to being alive and sharing it with the people you love.

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15 thoughts on “100 Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

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  2. Ann MMulvaney says:

    Faith – without my faith I’d be a screaming maniac that wore a jacket that let me hug myself all day.
    Mountains – and the beach – the two places I feel closest to God. At the beach, the waves that never stop coming are, to me at least, like waves of God’s unending love and forgiveness.

  3. Bjorn says:

    I’m so thankful for my friends and family at this time. It has been such an exhausting, tragic, isolating, stressful time these last 2 years. I finally feel we are coming out of this dark time and into a time of renewal. I am thankful for the kindness of friends and strangers. Together we can build each up again.

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  5. Michaela says:

    I thankful for my family friends pets music
    Vacation bunny rabbits forgiveness graduation school best friend school grandparents to be live

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