Home Organization for the New Year 2022

Home Organization for the New Year 2022

With the new year coming quickly, you may want to move into 2022 with a more organized home. Fortunately, there are some great ways you can do that. Here are a few ways to get organized and prepared for the upcoming new year.

1. Make Decisions About Holiday Cards

Those holiday cards can be heartfelt and touching, or generic and simple. Go through the ones you’ve received, and keep only the ones that really mean something to you.

Make Decisions About Holiday Cards

2. Declutter Your Wrapping Paper and Gift Bags

It’s easy to want to keep all the gift bags and left-over wrapping paper, but you probably don’t need it. Save the best, reusable options, and recycle or toss the rest.

3. Give Your Mudroom a Makeover

Mudrooms can get messy really fast, especially when everyone puts their things down there but doesn’t always put things away. Clearing out the clutter and creating better storage options in that location can be very helpful.

4. Simplify Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, and you want to make sure you’re cozy and comfortable there. By going through the knickknacks and other clutter in your bedroom, you can remove and rearrange in ways that give you back the feeling of peace you’re looking for.

Simplify Your Bedroom

5. Rearrange Your Kitchen Pantry

Your kitchen should be one of the best places in your house. It’s often considered the heart of the home, but it doesn’t feel like that when you have to dig through a crowded, cluttered pantry. Organizing that space, and throwing away expired food, can help encourage you to make more meals at home.

Rearrange Your Kitchen Pantry

6. Declutter and Organize Your Shed

A shed or other storage space is great for garden tools and similar items. But it’s also a place where a lot of things just get stuck when they don’t have another home. Decluttering and organizing your shed can help you get ready for gardening in the springtime.

7. Establish a Recycling System

Whether you put things into a can, have a reusable bag you fill up, or otherwise make a space for recyclables, the key is to have a specific space for them. That gives you the opportunity to keep them separate from the trash, and also encourages you to recycle because it’s quick, easy, and convenient to do.

Establish a Recycling System

8. Declutter and Organize Your Home Office

A home office needs to be free of clutter, so you can work in a space you feel good about. You’ll get more done that way, and feel confident about your ability to do your job. Some file folders, sorting, digitizing, and recycling can get your home office ready for anything.

Declutter and Organize Your Home Office

9. Establish Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Routines

What you do every day, week, and month sets the tone for where you’ll be in the future. When you have routines you follow, you can see more success in working toward all the goals that matter most to you.

10. Set Manageable Goals

Goals should challenge you. But they shouldn’t be so difficult that you can’t accomplish them at all. That’s too discouraging. Set goals that are worth working for, and that you can accomplish, so you can keep meeting them.

With a little time and effort, your home will be 2022-ready in no time at all!

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