How and Where do I Start to Get Organized

How and Where Do I Start to Get Organized?

No one plans to live in a cluttered, messy house. But it’s easy for people to lose track of their goals to stay neat, and then they find they’re living in a messy space they barely recognize.

It’s a common scenario: You look around your home and finally realize that there is too much clutter. Things have been piling up for quite some time now. Perhaps you have been pressed for time lately, with more than the usual demands at work, school or family life. 

Cluttered and messy home

Chances are good that you’ve thought about getting organized, amidst all of the chaos. But as your house gets more and more messy, the task ahead of you seems all the more daunting.

A to-do list that prioritizes straightening up your abode and making things nice and neat is nice to have, but you have been ignoring this list for too long!

Here are some tips on how and where you can start to get organized.

1. Go easy on yourself

When you have a lot to clean up, with countless items needing to go into their own place, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Acknowledge that you may not get everything done on day one.

Go easy on yourself

You don’t need any more stress, since a messy home is already enough to make people nervous. If you miss cleaning up one day, you can just take a few more moments the next day to make up for it.

2. Break the process down into a series of tasks

This makes the big burden of organizing your entire house easier to tackle. 

One approach is to look at the work by categories, such as picking up scattered toys or getting rid of a stack of old, dusty magazines. Another method is to focus on one task at a time. You might want to deal with cleaning the living room first, before the guest bedroom if you won’t be expecting visitors for the foreseeable future.

3. Make a schedule for future decluttering. After your home is organized and you’ve gotten rid of most, if not all of the clutter, you’ll want to keep it that way. 

House Cleaning

For busy moms, a favourite tactic is to make a chore chart. List all of the main cleaning and organizing areas you want to pay attention to each week. This will help you and your family get into the habit of cleaning up as you go along. After a game night, for example, have one person gather up the trash from snacks, have another person put away the games.

You’ll feel better because it’s easier to relax in a clean and well-organized home.

Relaxed at home

After you get into a regular routine of organizing your home and arranging items to minimize clutter, you’ll be bound to feel more relaxed. There’s so much stress and anxiety from being in a cluttered home, it can affect your mood and well being. 

8 thoughts on “How and Where Do I Start to Get Organized?

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  3. Adriana says:

    Living with my daughter and her family with my husband. I am doing all the housework. My husband cooks. No one else is involved in maintaining the house. Clutter is everywhere Daughter works nights

  4. Carola Jain says:

    When it comes to self-organization, I would agree that breaking down tasks goes a long way. This helps make the tasks in question seem less taunting and more easily achievable.

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