The link between Happiness and Productivity at work

The Link Between Happiness and Productivity at Work

It’s no secret that happiness and productivity are closely entwined. When employees aren’t happy, they are distracted; they can’t be their best or most efficient when they are worried or frustrated. But more to the point, what can managers and employers do to boost employee happiness? How can employees improve their mood?

1. Employees: The secret to productivity is work-life balance

Employees must manage their work-life balance rather than overworking themselves. When employees overwork themselves, they frequently find they are less effective and productive; instead of doing 2 hours of work, they will do eight, and get the same amount of work done. Employees must learn to take breaks effectively, schedule their work at their most productive time, and reach out for help if they find themselves frustrated.

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2. Employers: Supporting the mental health of employees

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy for employees to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Employers can provide support and resources to help employees manage their mental health by way of implementing policies that promote a healthy work environment, such as flexible work schedules, or maybe promote a culture of open communication where employees feel comfortable discussing their mental health with their supervisors.

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Employers can’t control their employees or what happens to employees out of work, but they can provide support and assistance.

3. Managers: Employees don’t leave jobs; they leave managers

Managers play a crucial role in employee happiness. After all, employees don’t leave jobs; they leave managers. If an employee is unhappy with their job, it’s likely because they are unhappy with their manager specifically. But managers can foster a better company culture by leaving the pathways of communication open.

Talk to employees and schedule one-on-ones with regularity. When you meet employees during a one-on-one, discuss how they are doing and what they need to get their job done. Gone are the days when managers are expected to “whip their employees into shape.” Instead, managers are expected to give employees the tools that they need to thrive.

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4. Conclusion: Happiness and Productivity are everyone’s responsibility

There will always be issues throughout any industry and any career path. Employees, supervisors, and employers will have to work together not just to achieve business targets but also a healthy and motivating workplace.

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