‘We Always Look After Existing Customers’ Policy

It’s our policy to never disadvantage our existing customers.

Products and packs

From time to time we upgrade our products and packs. These upgrades can include:
• Releasing a new version of a product
• Adding products to packs
• Adding lists to To-Do List Packs
• Offering bonuses.

Sometimes these upgrades involve price increases, especially if there are significant improvements.

However, existing customers receive all upgrades to the product or pack they’ve purchased for 12 months following their purchase – even if the price has risen – without any additional cost.

That means that any time we upgrade a product or pack that you’ve purchased, you can log in and download the additions or updates for yourself. Just follow these super-simple steps.

We let you know of upgrades as they become available via our Get Organized Tips newsletter. If you don’t receive the newsletter, you can sign up here.


From time to time we enhance our programs. These enhancements can include:
• Adding/updating content
• Enlarging the resource library
• Including additional program components
• Offering bonuses.

However, existing members receive the latest version of all program materials.

Also, the monthly program fee applicable for new members may rise over time.

However, for existing members the rate is locked in at the price when they joined, for as long as they remain a member.

Special Offers

Occasionally we make special offers to existing customers, newsletter readers and Facebook Page friends.

If you’ve purchased a product on which we later make a special offer, we’ll give you a credit voucher for the difference.

Simply contact Customer Support with your order details and we’ll take care of it for you.

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