Also, view our 52 Organizing Missions Success Stories.

“In September, 2010, I went from working for a company, to becoming an independent business owner within a matter of days. Although it was a great move, it was also a sudden, unexpected and to say the least, scary transition. I’ve been blessed to be a pretty organized person in the past, but becoming a “stand-alone” so quickly had potential to be overwhelming and I found my to-do lists getting out of control.”

“Not too long thereafter, Michele offered her Goals and Priorities Diary and I downloaded it to my PC and began to see whether it would work for me. I quickly realized that it was a fabulous tool! It provides the ability for both long and short term planning. It allows me to make plans for a day, a week, a quarter, or an entire year. I loved the fact that it has a separate section for appointments and calls/e-mails. The best lesson, however, was learning to identify, accomplish and check off the Top 3 Priorities for each day. This kept me focused on what was important, and doing them first…..whether they were tasks that I loved or disliked greatly, the point was to do them first!!!”

“At times throughout the year, I would find myself spinning out of control with my days and tasks, and when this occurred, I would usually notice that I hadn’t been using the Goals and Priorities Diary the way I should. Going back to it, and utilizing it, typically got me back on track quickly and painlessly. I’ve even found it useful if I need to find when I did a particular thing, or what date a specific appointment had been on, as it is easily searchable.”

“The Diary is an icon in the center of my PC desktop, and is one of the first tools that I open every day. I hope that it works as well for you as it has for me!!! Thank you, Michele, for this great asset to both my professional and personal life!”

– Laura L. Bieker, REALTOR, e-PRO, GRI, ABR

“Just a quick email to say how pleased I am that I purchased the Life and goal organizer and extra goodies. (premium pack)
I was abit dubious before purchasing but for $100 I thought I would give it a go.
I have to say I can’t stop going through the life and goal organizer, absolutley love the concept and already feel I am making changes in ONE DAY!!

“Again congratulations on such a fantastic offering. I have spent all weekend going through the organizer. Posititve changes have already been made. For example I have found $5,500 in savings in household expenses ! The $100 cost for the package has already paid for itself 55 times over!!”

– Naomi Murphy

“Because LGO maintains both comprehensiveness AND specific task-setting, it has enabled me to make sense of my messy life. When I sit down with your worksheets, I feel good, relieved… I cannot describe how powerful it is to shift focus from what’s WRONG with one’s present life, to instead place the final meaning on the question of ‘What is it that I want, and by what method do I mean to get there?…I just wanted to take the time to write you and thank you for the great service you have done for my life. I’d like to think there are others like me whose quiet lives of desperation might be saved by the totally unique function that your product offers. There is no other one like it: I’ve searched long and hard.”

– Skye Synnestvedt

“I purchased the Premium Pack about 2 weeks ago and I’m almost finished going through the 12 areas of my life. I am so focused, almost addicted, to the program that I just want to keep going.

I am so pleased with the Life & Goal Organizer. Working through each module gives me great satisfaction, even a sense of power, empowerment. All my goals and mini steps or prompts are written down in one place. It’s actually fun creating an up to date record of exactly where I’m at and what I need to do next. “

– Karen Perkins, Sydney, Australia

“I literally did with my first mission what I really thought i would never be able to do. God do i feel wonderful, powerful, accomplished right now… you played an integral role in giving me tools to begin my day off with a blaze of optimism, accomplishment, and all the good stuff I said above.”

– Harry Panitch

“Thanks for this challenge! I have most of your products and love, love, love them! Including the 52 organizing missions app on my iPad! I’m keeping at the challenge, hoping for the ULTIMATE prize- Design Your Life! Thanks so much for the services, guides, and motivation you provide! You are without a doubt peerless, when it comes to organization! So grateful I “found” you on the web! Thanks bunches!”

– Karen Kothmann Dunsmore

“I loved this assignment. I have a new bag, which has an organizer in it. That alone already made life easier. I didn’t expect to find clutter in my bag, as I recently own it. But, guess what: I really needed this assignment for there were receipts, candy wraps, used napkins and even small toys roaming around in my bag.
It’s just amazing how clutter sneaks in and hides… Now my bag is organized and happy again, just like its new owner.”

– Peggy

“I have NEVER seen such beautiful and easy to use forms on PDF. I’m loving working with your documents and information. Thank you.”

– Deb Wood

“I have been using your Life & Goal Organizer and Life MakeOver Journal for a little over a week now. I just wanted to say thank you. For quite some time, I had been looking for ways to change so many things in my life and these tools cover everything I’ve wanted to change, and more.”

– Jessica Hart, 31, Project Manager and mother of 4, New Jersey, USA

“It is brilliant. I wish I had read Inbox Zen before coming up with my own system through trial and error!”

Chris Garrett, Yorkshire, UK

“What you provide is really helpful to me. I’ve had ADD all my life – and I’m able to organize better with your methods than any other.”

– Michael Milligan, IT Professional, Utah, USA

Life & Goal Organizer Deluxe has given me a new perspective on how to reach my greatest potential in all areas. At the moment I’m working on ‘Home’ and ‘Health & Fitness’ simultaneously, and the results are REAL. I’m looking forward to achieving many more goals that Life & Goal Organizer has prompted me to clarify and action.”

– Maryanne Long, 45, Artist and mother, Sydney, Australia

“What an awesome system for helping me FINALLY accomplish more of what is most important to me in my life. Your comprehensive system makes it so simple for me to take what I am feeling and put it into an action plan that simply cannot be ignored! I’ve read hundreds of books, listened to dozens of audios and watched many videos on time management, organization, goal setting and the like…this is by FAR the best system for getting results among them all. Your wizards are almost magical in their ability to bring the really critical stuff to the forefront of my busy, hectic schedule. I’ve already regained more control over my health and personal development in just two weeks using your system.”

– Anne Marie Smith, 41, Co-owner of HigherTrust Marketing Inc, Ottawa, Canada

“Just letting you know thanks to your de-clutter ebook I am purging today and am up to 12 garbage bags of clothes ad 3 garbage bags of shoes!!! And it feels GREAT!!!”

– Alex Wilson, Neuropsychologist, Sydney

“I’m a pack rat and Mission #44 is definitely something I need to deeply consider and execute! In combination with the organizing missions, I’ve been using Michele’s ‘Organize in 5‘ and love it! While I might not always get them done on the days I receive them, I’ve got a file folder called “organizing” in my email program that I can refer to quickly throughout the day!” – Melody Tobey Hansen

“Organized my presentation. I managed to clear out clothes that don’t fit, are too old, as well as shoes, jewelry. I pared things down to the point that what I have left fits well, looks good and I love to wear. This has been a most successful site for me. Thank you.” – Marti

“You are awesome Michele, my life has changed because of you. Your de-clutter tips have been fabulous. I even have my FBook friends doing it too.” – Mandy

“Your site is awesome and I’ve already picked up a few tidbits that will definitely help in my organizing endeavors! “ – Carol Dombach Deckert, Networking Coach

“I did it!! I threw away 40-50 pounds of junk! Thanks for giving me permission to throw away clothes. I hate throwing clothes in the trash, would rather give to charity. But I didn’t want them and who else would?? NOBODY! That’s why it is trash! Thanks. BTW- you are my husband’s new best friend.” – Melissa

“Finally stopped procrastinating and started chucking. A big bag went to the tip and a huge pile of books has gone to a good home. My Dad always used to say “a tidy room, a tidy mind”. It may not always be true but it sure does help!
These missions are brilliant, thank you!”
– Gill

“I love getting organised – keep the missions coming!” – Netty

“Wow! I have so much junk. So great to see some of it gone now. Feel clean and revitalised.” – Jodi

“My goodness I must be getting the hang of this organising lark! (Either that or I have psychic powers!) I detoxed my bag and purse yesterday, just as you have outlined.” – Gill

“Got there in the end – sorted my filing out – don’t think I’ve done it for a year! I’m good at paying things but then throw it in a drawer instead of filing – so mission well accomplished!” – Tracey

“I love decluttering & organising… I have to with four children, husband & easy to feel overwhelmed with the chaos. Loving your tips, especially the one about collecting free e-books of which I’m guilty. Of course I then clutter up my pc folder and don’t get around to reading them all! So I shall use my 30mins to delete those unnecessary!” – Tonia

“I love your tips – thank you! :-)” – Susan

“Thanks so much for this site! It’s reconfirmed my belief in humanity!” – Ruth

“I love your site. It’s packed with great resources.”

– JC, Life Coach and Radio Host, Montreal

“The thing I like most about it is that, for a list-maker like me, it’s irresistible: when I’ve made a list I just have to cross everything off it. In December I started on the household and got so much done… On xmas day I started with health & fitness and am very motivated.”

– Nicki Hutley, Senior Economist, Sydney, Australia

“I’ve started 52 Missions and am enjoying it.
Have read and adapted various items to suit myself and colleagues – Day lists, time management, email management etc
Great idea about keeping actions separate from notes – about to implement that from now on.
Thanks Michele”

– Geraldine White, 41, Adelaide, South Australia

“I came across your web site while looking for some organization/goal setting plans for my sons. I am a firm believer in goal setting and feel that organization/time management/goal setting are educational areas that are lacking in our schools these days. Your organizational tools are wonderful and very easy for young people to understand and learn.”

– Steve Tames, VP, Toyota Tsusho America Inc, Georgetown, KY, USA

“Love, love, LOVE the Get Organized site, and the brilliant lists. You made me a very happy girl today.”

– Merije Vink, The Netherlands

“Ok, so I started, I walked and filled. Suddenly I noticed, the bag was dragging and was bursting at the seams. Huh, ok another bag. Hey my 30 minutes is up, still I can’t stop now I’m just into the swing of things. So on and on and on. 4.5 hours later, 6 bags….and I haven’t even been into my garage yet. Hey this was a wonderful task, not only did I feel I uncluttered my home, I feel more room in my brain too. I originally decided to sign up for this for my wife…..ah hum….she said no way. So I decided to do them all myself. One of the best ideas I have had in a long time. Ah, I know she’ll catch on. “

– John

“I have enjoyed the 12 days program thus far! I have:
*gotten back to going to the gym,
*given up chips at night (although I splurged last night-oops),
*am trying to add scrapbooking back into my schedule-either reading about or doing for the sake of the schedule,
*gotten back to my blog-if only writing down topic headings so I can update this weekend, and the
*career/business topic I’m still praying about. Not sure what I will do about that yet.
I am a substitute teacher (the day I got the blog’s update about business, I accepted a three day long assignment for the future but that’s it…) Thank you for your tips!”

– Jennifer

“Great article and your site is the best I’ve seen for organizing.”

– Mike Milligan