Organizing Challenge: My 3 Top Ideas For An Organized Room

By Michele Connolly

Note: I originally wrote this article for the popular Org Junkie site. I didn’t want you guys to miss out, so I’ve included it here for you.

Here are my 3 top ideas for tackling your space or room.

1. Start simple

Get Organized in 2010

If you want to make this the start of a more organized life, choose as your project something achievable. Your success will give you momentum to move on to another project – and another one after that.

But if you begin with the worst room in your house, you may struggle to get it done – and the disappointment could undermine your future organizing efforts, too.

When taking on something new and challenging, it’s usually a good idea to begin simply, enjoy your achievement, and then build on it.

Pick something simple and achievable for your challenge and let it start you on a more organized path.

2. Decide quickly

One of the surest ways to get bogged down in your organizing projects is to over-analyze.

Not sure whether to keep or discard something? Make your default decision to discard. Only keep something if you genuinely love or use it.

Not sure whether to put it here or there? Go with your first instinct. You can always come back and re-work the area. But if you don’t make a decision, you’ll end up stuck in organizing limbo.

Make a quick choice and you’ll find all your organizing projects will become easier.

3. Have fun

People who think of organizing as drudgery to be done under sufferance and punctuated by long, agonized sighs – well, they tend to be pretty disorganized.

Instead, why not have a little fun? Choose a time when you have some energy, pour yourself a yummy drink, and put on your fave (eighties!) music mix.

Feeling good will make you more productive, so you’ll get more done. Plus, time will pass more quickly because you’ll be having fun, kinda. Much smarter than moaning and sighing, huh?

Find ways to brighten the experience and you’ll be done before you know it.

So here again are my 3 top ideas for this challenge: start simple, decide quickly, and have fun.

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