Yes, You CAN Organize Your Home & Life.
In Just 30 Minutes a Week. No Exaggeration.

Does this sound like you?

You’ve been meaning to focus on home organization for weeks months years

You’d like to simplify, but wouldn’t know where to start

You have way too much stuff

You need better routines so your household runs more smoothly

Your to-do list is out of control

Your home/car/office is overwhelmed by clutter

You don’t have time to spare

You’re tired and busy and not sure you have the motivation to get organized.

If this sounds familiar, then here’s some good news: You’ve found the solution.

“When my husband first sent me this site in September I thought it sounded perfect for what I needed. I did the first mission on a Saturday with the whole family. We easily filled eight large trash bags.” – Lisa

Why Most People Can’t Get Organized

How Do I Get Organized?

The truth is, getting organized is so challenging that many people never get organized. Why?

1. It’s difficult to know where to start.
2. It’s incredibly hard to find the time.
3. It’s almost impossible to keep up the motivation.

Overcoming all three of these challenges might seem hopeless, but there is a solution.

And it’s a solution that has already been proved successful by thousands of people around the world. People just like you who’ve broken the barrier and found the way to clear clutter, simplify life, and get organized.

Introducing A Fast, Easy Way to Get Organized

Imagine a program that guides you through the steps of simplifying, organizing and decluttering your home and life – house, work, personal, health, morning routines, chores, car, kitchen, bedroom, storage spaces, household planning, money, productivity, negative thinking, relationships, happiness, and much more. It shows you exactly where to start, and what to do next.

52 Missions Workbook Set

Now imagine that all you have to commit to achieve this simplified, organized and decluttered life is just 30 minutes a week. That’s right: half-an-hour. Even the busiest person can find the time.

And imagine that the program is supported by online check-ins, optional email reminders and interactive tools to keep you accountable. You have built-in, ongoing motivation.

This is exactly what you get with the 52 Organizing Missions Home Organizer.

The 4 interactive PDF workbooks include everything you need to organize, simplify and declutter your home and your life. What’s more, the program is already proven – you can read hundreds of success stories from people just like you.

“This 30 min is the best idea anyone has ever had. I LOVE IT!!!!!! It is making me do things that I have put off and I am only on my second mission. I actually am looking forward to the next one and I am going back to each one and redoing some things and thinking about other things to get rid of. Again thanks for this boost.” – Cheryl

Why It’s Different: The Hard Work Is Done For You

52 Missions Workbook Set

No other organizing program makes such excellent use of your time.

The 52 Organizing Missions Home Organizer gets straight down to business. Moving step by step, you tackle the simplifying, organizing and decluttering challenges that have plagued you for weeks, months, or even years.

People are amazed at what they accomplish in each 30-minute segment.

But the reason you get so much done is not magic. It’s simply that we’ve done the hard work for you, and distilled the actions you need to take into succinct, easy-to-follow steps.

What You’ll Discover: Hundreds of Smart Tips and Tricks

Here are some of the things you’ll discover in your 52 Organizing Missions Home Organizer:

  • What to look for in your house, room by room, to fill a trash bag
  • The 5 steps to detoxing your purse or briefcase
  • How to never forget to pay another bill
  • How to calculate the true cost of so-called ‘freebies
  • The secret to email and voice messages that save time and increase productivity
  • The 5 steps to detoxing your car
  • How to make yourself happier (with free worksheet download)
  • How to immediately declutter 50 items from your home
  • A simple, 2-step process for filing everything
  • How to perform a ‘closet clutter check
  • How to create the perfect wardrobe wish-list
  • 4 steps to organizing your accounts and credit cards (with free worksheet)
  • What to include in your emergency contacts list (with free worksheet download)
  • How to assemble a super-organized household notebook (with free download)
  • The secret to clear kitchen surfaces
  • 2 principles for knowing where to store things
  • Knowing which books, CDs and DVDs to keep – and which to get rid of
  • How to create a bedroom sanctuary
  • 7 easy steps to an organized computer
  • The easy way to organize your home office or office
  • How to create your ideal bedtime routine
  • How to create your ideal morning routine
  • A smart way to organize your bathroom
  • How to declutter your friends – with love
  • How to create a household chore chart (with free worksheet download)
  • How to bust your procrastination demons
  • 5 steps to being more productive at work
  • 5 ways to spend less time on chores
  • How to have more personal time
  • 4 steps to reducing stress
  • How to spring clean your living area
  • How to set up a laundry system
  • 50 things to give away instantly
  • How to know when to say ‘no’
  • 3 piles that will greatly simplify your paperwork
  • 4 steps to turbo-charge your diet
  • 3 steps to turbo-charge your exercise
  • The solution to decluttered surfaces
  • How to finally tackle that storage unit or storage space
  • Entire categories of clutter you can clear in an instant
  • 4 sneaky time killers – and how to kill them first
  • 3 things to immediately strike off your to-do list
  • How to live better in your house’s boundaries
  • Mini-projects to transform your garden
  • Mini-makeover projects to help you look your best
  • How to stop 10 negative thinking habits
  • The secret to keeping kids’ bedrooms clear of clutter
  • How to find your passion
  • 4 steps to getting rid of debt (with free worksheet download)
  • How to create your ideal weekly schedule (with free worksheet download)
  • The 3-cubed formula for simplifying your life
  • Workbook 1, page 11
  • Workbook 1, Page 19
  • Workbook 1, page 26
  • Workbook 1, Page 35
  • Workbook 1, page 43
  • Workbook 1, Page 51
  • Workbook 1, Page 61
  • Workbook 1, page 67
  • Workbook 1, page 77
  • Workbook 1, Page 88
  • Workbook 1, page 96
  • Workbook 1, Page 104
  • Workbook 1, page 112
  • Workbook 2, Page 9
  • Workbook 2, Page 18
  • Workbook 2, Page 20
  • Workbook 2, Page 27
  • Workbook 2, Page 33
  • Workbook 2, Page 41
  • Workbook 2, Page 50
  • Workbook 2, Page 58
  • Workbook 2, Page 67
  • Workbook 2, Page 76
  • Workbook 2, Page 83
  • Workbook 2, Page 91
  • Workbook 2, Page 99
  • Workbook 3, Page 10
  • Workbook 3, Page 18
  • Workbook 3, Page 26
  • Workbook 3, Page 34
  • Workbook 3, Page 42
  • Workbook 3, Page 51
  • Workbook 3, Page 68
  • Workbook 3, Page 76
  • Workbook 3, Page 83
  • Workbook 3, Page 91
  • Workbook 3, Page 100
  • Workbook 3, Page 108
  • Workbook 4, Page 10
  • Workbook 4, Page 20
  • Workbook 4, Page 29
  • Workbook 4, Page 38
  • Workbook 4, Page 48
  • Workbook 4, Page 55
  • Workbook 4, Page 63
  • Workbook 4, Page 71
  • Workbook 4, Page 84
  • Workbook 4, Page 91
  • Workbook 4, Page 100
  • Workbook 4, Page 109
  • Workbook 4, Page 118

“Mission accomplished – including all purses, make up bags and my car – since my vehicle is an extension of my purse! And done in half an hour! I love the goal – and the time limit. Makes me work super fast! Thanks for the goals, the time frame, and the incentive in reporting back. “ – Flora

What You Get: All You Need To Declutter, Simplify & Organize in 30 Minutes a Week

Here’s what you receive with your 52 Missions Home Organizer:

52 Missions

52 Comprehensive Missions
Your 52 weekly missions come in 4 interactive workbooks of more than 470 pages. They cover decluttering, simplifying, organizing, home, office, car, closet, purse, time, family, household, chores, mindset, garage, storage, routines, career, to-do list and much, much more.

52 Missions

Step-By-Step, 30-Minute Segments
Each weekly project takes just 30 minutes – because everything is broken down into very simple, easy-to-follow steps. There’s even an online timer for you to use. It’s radically time-effective.

52 Missions

Extreme Accountability and Motivation
To help you get committed and stay motivated, you can register your public commitment to getting organized, and after completing each mission you can check in on the blog. This accountability has made the program very successful for participants. There are badges and prizes too. See hundreds of success stories.

52 Missions

Interactive Worksheets, To-Do Lists, Success Journals & Bonus Downloads
Every mission has an interactive planning worksheet, to-do list and success journal to help you make the most of your time, log ideas and keep track of your progress. Very motivating! Many of the missions also have links for you to download extra materials for free.

52 Missions

Fully Interactive Tools
Our workbooks and worksheets are clever PDFs that let you enter text, save, print, search, edit and re-use. No special software is needed – it all works with the free Adobe PDF Reader on Mac and Windows. You can view your missions on-screen, or print them out and take them with you as you organize.

52 Missions

Optional Weekly Prompts
You can sign up for optional weekly reminder emails that prompt you when it’s time for your next mission. Just get on with life and we’ll keep you on track.

52 Missions

Optional Extended Missions
Each mission includes optional extended tasks for even greater simplifying, organizing and decluttering. Many include the kids, so you can help them learn good organizing habits for life.

52 Missions

Instant Access (And Environmental Friendliness)
Your 52 Missions Home Organizer is available for instant download as soon as you make your purchase. No shipping charges, no waiting, no planes or delivery trucks. Best of all, you can get started right away – while your motivation is high!

52 Missions

Excellent Value
The 52 Missions Home Organizer includes a whole year’s worth of projects and planners – making it great value. Plus, you’ll likely save money as you stop over-spending on things you don’t love and wasting dollars on organizing paraphernalia you don’t need.

52 Missions

iPhone Compatibility
View your planners, checklists and worksheets right from your iPhone – so you’ll have motivation and ideas wherever you go.

What You’ll Save: Time, Money and Energy

52 Missions Workbook Set

How much time, energy and money are clutter and disorganization costing you?

  • How much time do you spend looking for things, procrastinating, and trying to get started on decluttering?
  • How much energy do you lose to frustration, home disharmony and self-recriminations?
  • How much money do you waste on overspending, quick fixes and short-term solutions?

The 52 Organizing Missions Home Organizer is only US$79.

You can save considerably more than this in time, money and energy every single month – just by following the proven, step-by step, 30-minute missions in this program. Click here to purchase the 52 Missions Home Organizer now.

What To Expect: A Beautifully Organized Home and Life

With the 52 Organizing Missions Home Organizer you’ll simplify, organize and declutter dozens of areas, including:

  • Household clutter
  • Bag/briefcase/tote
  • Bills
  • Freebies
  • Phone messages
  • Car
  • Happiness
  • Filing system
  • Closet
  • Accounts and credit cards
  • Household notebook
  • Emergency information
  • Kitchen
  • Books
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Bedroom
  • Computer
  • Office/home office
  • Bathroom
  • Better relationships
  • Morning routine
  • Night-time routine
  • Chores
  • Procrastination
  • Self esteem
  • Work productivity
  • Home organization
  • Personal time
  • Stress management
  • Living area
  • Laundry
  • Email
  • Donations
  • Saying ‘no’
  • Paperwork
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Clear surfaces
  • Storage spaces and units
  • Possessions
  • Time management
  • To-do list
  • Home boundaries
  • Garden
  • Personal makeover
  • Negative thinking
  • Kids’ bedrooms

What Others Say: ‘This Has Literally Changed My Life’

“This has literally changed my life, I had papers everywhere and no idea where to start! Granted, it took longer than 30 minutes, but now everything is categorized and labelled in one folder, Michele, I can’t thank you enough!” – Annie

“Ok, so I started, I walked and filled. Suddenly I noticed, the bag was dragging and was bursting at the seams. Huh, ok another bag. Hey my 30 minutes is up, still I can’t stop now I’m just into the swing of things. So on and on and on. 4.5 hours later, 6 bags….and I haven’t even been into my garage yet. Hey this was a wonderful task, not only did I feel I uncluttered my home, I feel more room in my brain too. I originally decided to sign up for this for my wife…..ah hum….she said no way. So I decided to do them all myself. One of the best ideas I have had in a long time. “ – John

“Very refreshing! This week s mission was a great delight! So much pleasure to (re)discover the little things that make me happy. And it is not selfish at all, because the happiness you give to yourself will spread to all others you meet and interact with. Thanks a lot! “ – Klimbo

“I’ve read many books and websites on organization, decluttering, etc. I believe this one’s a keeper! Looking forward to the challenges. Thanks, Michelle. “ – Donna

“Having a time limit and instructions makes filing the bag easier! I filled 3 trash bags. I will need to do this exercise at least one more time this week.” – Jinny

“I am moving house so what a great opportunity to get started. I went straight upstairs and grabbed two green garbage bags and started in my office. I got rid of two bags full in around 30 minutes. My office is now so much more organized in readiness for the move. Thanks! It was so easy.” – Kerri-Anne

“I did what i thought was a big clean up a few weeks ago so didn’t think I would be able to find enough stuff to fill a bag. But following your room by room list I started at the pantry – I filled a bag before I moved onto the next room. I had all this out of date food! Things that I was given in Christmas hampers etc that I was saving to use when we entertained etc. So I ended up getting too much rubbish and I couldn’t fit it all in the bin!
Last night I decided it was time for another huge bag effort and got rid of another bag of stuff.
Loving the missions. and I’m telling so many people and they are all exactly the same – their lives need organising!”
– Alison

“I have done it!!. IN fact, I got so organized, I am caught up even on payments until September. OOhhhhhh I feel good. Thank you” – Tammy

“I am done with this mission!!! It really makes a difference. Not only is the car looking and smelling better, but I think people take notice and make an effort as well.” – Shawna

“Your “cancel subscriptions” was a breakthrough one for me. I subscribe to many magazines (write columns for a few), and keep hard copies of the magazines with my articles. What a dusty mess was sitting in the corner of my office. Why was I keeping them? They even smelled old and moldy…so I heaved them away…making room for all my new articles coming up. Stopped my complimentary subscriptions too, as they were giving me guilt that I hadn’t read all of them.

Thank you so much for all your help Michele!” – Lois Geller

“Being a generally hopeless case when it comes to acquiring clutter, this “room-by-room” approach makes it a lot easier to get started. Makes the whole task seem less overwhelming. And thanks for the pat on the back! The generally positive approach also makes the task a lot more appealing. “ – Katherine

“WOW !!! what a great idea . And best of all I don’t feel overwhelmed I just imagine my life my home when I have completed 52 Weeks.” – Maria

“Done. I did it for a little more than 30 minutes. My wife was just watching and approving my decisions to throw away unnecessary stuff. Not a big bag but still the feeling was quite good – to get rid of unwanted things. It felt like we were cleaning our minds. Thanks a lot. We are looking forward to the following missions!” – Kliment

“This is such a timely reminder. I have spent the last three weeks procrastinating and have found all sorts of reasons for not going “in here” and getting the things done I need to do. I start by tidying up my work space, even if it is just putting the post in my intray, make a cup of tea and put on some music. I do love to use aromatherapy oils or candles too. And I have a special lamp that creates the right lighting mood. Your piece has made me realise that I already have a productivity ritual and has made me quite excited about hiding myself away this evening and using it! I love the idea of a time limit too, makes it seem so much more acheivable. Thank you Michele, like Adriana I love your website and am so glad I found it.” – Gill

Read hundreds more success stories from people using the 52 Organizing Missions program.

Why You Should Start Today: Nothing to Lose

Every Get Organized Wizard product is backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee. If, after completing at least one mission, you do not feel greater simplicity, less clutter and more organization in your life, we’ll cheerfully refund your money. Peace of mind, guaranteed.

How To Get Started

52 Missions Pack

Simply click the ‘Add To Cart’ button below and you’ll be taken to your shopping cart.
Proceed to the secure checkout and purchase using either PayPal or a credit card.

This product includes 12 months’ of free upgrades.

After making your purchase you’ll automatically proceed to your private account page, from where you’ll be able to download and save your fully interactive PDFs. You can start simplifying, organizing and decluttering your life right away!

Purchase 52 Missions NOW!

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