Inbox Zen | 7 Simple Steps For Making Peace With Your Email

How do you stay calm amid today’s email chaos?

Inbox Zen

For most of us, email is a double-edged sword.

It lets us communicate simply, cheaply and quickly with people all over the world, giving us unprecedented convenience and control. But it also makes us feel trapped and powerless in the face of overflowing inboxes, relentless pressure to respond, and never-ending streams of missives demanding time, attention and energy.

How do you find an oasis of calm in this inbox maelstrom?

The answer lies in your approach to email:

  • How you receive it
  • How you process it
  • How you get rid of it

With Inbox Zen you’ll learn 7 simple steps that will transform your
approach to all three.

“It is brilliant. I wish I had read Inbox Zen before coming up with my own system through trial and error!”

Chris Garrett, Yorkshire, UK

Not another ‘system’!

Because so many people today are getting overwhelmed by email, inbox solutions are springing up all over the place, offering systems to help people manage the madness.

Inbox Zen includes a

25-Point Action Checklist

for you to check off inbox strategies

as you complete them.

For a lot of us, though, these systems take time to learn, effort to implement and discipline to stick with. As good as they are, they often end up adding to the complexity of our online lives.

At the heart of the approach in Inbox Zen are:

  • Changes in mindset rather than detailed techniques
  • Simple strategies rather than complicated systems
  • Ways to make effectiveness automatic rather than effortful

What you’ll learn in Inbox Zen

Inbox Zen

How to achieve the holy grail of email: an empty inbox

Inbox Zen

How to systemize email so nothing falls between the cracks

Inbox Zen

How to never ‘check’ email again

Inbox Zen

How to set up a simple fling system that actually saves you time

Inbox Zen

The secret to single-handling email

Inbox Zen

Deciding when to delete

Inbox Zen

The only four things you should ever do with email

Inbox Zen

5 Strategies for radically simplifying your e-life

Inbox Zen

How to reply fast while not making people furious

Inbox Zen

How to slim your inbox by going on an information diet

Inbox Zen

Strategies for speeding up email turnaround time

Inbox Zen

4 Steps for tackling an out-of-control inbox


Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.

Gertrude Stein

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Inbox Zen

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