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What Is Life & Goal Organizer?

Life & Goal Organizer is a comprehensive, interactive workbook for organizing and tracking your goals, plans and life.
It’s a motivating way to get organized, set goals and take charge of your life.

Who Is It For?

Guided checklists do the hard work for you - click to see the complete list of worksheets

Life & Goal Organizer is ideal for people who:

  • Have goals and plans but no system for managing or tracking them
  • Want to simplify life and focus on the things that matter
  • Care about the way they present themselves in the world
  • Are self-motivated but need structure to help them get organized
  • Desire to be their best and make the most of life
  • Feel overwhelmed by all the things they want to do
  • Have neglected important life areas and want to find their old spark

Our customers include Work At Home Moms (WAHM), Work At Home Dads (WAHD), busy executives, parents returning to work, and small business owners.
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How Does It Work?

Life & Goal Organizer is a 348-page interactive PDF workbook spanning work, home and relationships, as well as personal areas like weight loss, finances, time, wardrobe, and happiness.

More than 200 Guided Worksheets lead you to take action on a range of goals – for example,

  • Overcoming exercise excuses (Health & Fitness)
  • Dealing with energy-draining people (Relationships)
  • Starting your own business (Career & Work)
  • Clearing clutter (My Home)

The Guided Worksheets include action items and suggestions, plus space for notes. They’re ready-made action plans.

Each Module also contains Smart Goal Planners for setting additional goals not covered by the Guided Worksheets.

You choose the areas you want to tackle and move through them at your own pace. The simple interactive features let you flag priorities, track your progress and keep tabs on your achievements.

Life & Goal Organizer is fully interactive. You can use it entirely onscreen – navigating easily, typing in entries, saving, searching, tracking and printing only what you want. Or you can print it out and use it as a hard-copy workbook. The choice is yours.

What Do You Get?

Life & Goal Organizer includes:

What Does It Cost?

If you’ve tried books, courses, programs, storage systems, containers or professionals that have left you with less money, less time, more clutter and little change, you might be looking for a smarter – and less expensive – approach.

With Life & Goal Organizer you have everything you need, and nothing you don’t, to start taking action right away.

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  • More Time
    You’ll focus on areas that matter and streamline your efforts, time and energy
  • More Money
    You’ll avoid buying things you have but can’t find, make better use of what you have, and get your finances better organized
  • Less Clutter
    You’ll simplify, declutter and streamline your home, wardrobe, computer, paperwork and life
  • More Progress
    You won’t get told what you should do – you’ll be guided immediately to take action

Life & Goal Organizer costs US $79. At less than 40c per worksheet, that makes it excellent value. Plus it’s instantly downloadable and endlessly re-usable – you can start afresh any time.

How To Get Started

Life and Goal Organizer

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