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The Design Your Life Program is a motivating, achievable way to design and create the life you want.

It’s really simple! If you commit just 10-15 minutes, most days to following this program, you will radically change your life.

Easy-To-Use Dashboard

We cover a great deal over the course of the program, but it’s broken it down into weekly, bite-size activities so it’s simple and manageable, never overwhelming. With the user-friendly dashboard, you always have easy access to all the parts of your program.

Here’s what you’ll see when you first log in. The left hand side has your getting started instructions so that you’re up and running in no time. Down the right hand side is the list of modules you have access to. As you progress through the program a new module will be added every month or so.

The benefit of this approach is that it is simple and structured, and not overwhelming. It’s really easy – and motivating – to see what your next action is.

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12 Modules

Each 4 or 5 weeks you receive a module workbook for one of 12 important life areas – the areas most people target for self-improvement. We focus on one area at a time, so you gain momentum and insight.

The modules are all beautifully laid and easy to use. There’s nothing worse than an ugly, demotivating list of instructions that are hard to use. No, the Design Your Life modules are all attractive and intuitive – a pleasure to use.

Here’s a look at the module workbook covers so you can see the areas covered. For details on each module, click the link below the images.

Module 1: Personal DevelopmentModule 2: Health and FitnessModule 3: Career and BusinessModule 4: Fun and Recreation
Module 5: Managing TechnologyModule 6: HomeModule 7: Personal PresentationModule 8: Happiness Strategies
Module 9: Money and FinanceModule 10: RelationshipsModule 11: Time ManagementModule 12: Family

Interested in seeing some of the details covered in each module?
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Module 1: Personal Development

1. Personal Development

In this module you’ll create your customized personal development program, including personal growth, courses & training, personal habits and spirituality & mindfulness. In some ways this module is the core of your self- care program.

You’ll be prompted to consider the challenges you want to take on as well as ways to start building your skills and broadening your horizons.


  » Reading for Personal Development
  » Personal Development Skills
  » Expanding Your Comfort Zone
  » Trying New Things
  » Meeting New Challenges
  » Overcoming Fears
  » Courses, Further Education and Training
  » Giving Up Unhelpful Habits
  » Developing Helpful Habits
  » Setting SMART Goals
  » Making Room for Spirituality & Mindfulness in Your Life
  » Creating An Uplifting Work Environment
  » Making a Contribution to Your Community

Module 2: Health and Fitness

2. Health & Fitness

In this module you’ll move step-by-step through eating and exercising challenges and create a personal plan. There’s a strong focus on emotional and motivation factors – since they’re often what fail us when it comes to our bodies.

You’ll also be prompted to consider broader areas of health, wellbeing and body care, as well as reducing stress, increasing energy, and making time for health.


  » Meeting Your Nutritional Needs
  » Improving Food Habits
  » Overcoming Emotional Eating
  » Creating A Personal Exercise Program
  » Preparing For Excuses & Obstacles
  » Maintaining Motivation
  » Boosting Health & Wellbeing
  » Tackling Health Concerns
  » Looking & Feeling Good
  » Pleasure
  » Reducing Stressors
  » Increasing Energizers
  » Making Time For Health & Fitness
  » Improving Stress-Management Skills

Module 3: Career and Business

3. Business & Career

In this module you’ll assess your career. Activities include making the most of your current position, seeking a promotion, changing career, finding your passion and starting a business.

You’ll be prompted to take a strategic, organized approach to your career aspirations, whatever they may be.

This will help you take effective actions and make smart decisions concerning your career and business goals.


  » Improving Your Current Work Situation
  » Improving Your Work Performance
  » Improving Your Work Relationships
  » Meeting Requirements For Getting Promoted
  » Upgrading Skills, Knowledge & Performance Level
  » Preparing An Excellent CV
  » Mastering Interview Skills
  » Managing The Application Process
  » Networking & Resources
  » Finding Your Passion
  » Changing Career
  » Exploring Your Business Idea
  » Starting A Business
  » Business Research & Planning

Module 4: Fun and Recreation

4. Fun & Recreation

This module is all about ‘sharpening your saw’ – refreshing and rejuvenating yourself.

You’ll be prompted to consider ways to replenish your energy stores as well as recover the old spark that gets worn out without regular R&R. And it’s about fun!

The exercises in this module will help you gain more energy for work and family, too.


  » Exploring & Taking Up Sports
  » Exploring & Trying New Activities
  » Exploring & Taking Up Hobbies
  » Exploring & Developing Interests
  » Finding an Outlet for Creative Expression
  » Planning Your Personal Projects
  » Planning Holidays & Travel
  » Reading For Pleasure
  » Movies & DVDs

Module 5: Managing Technology

5. Technology & Social Media

Forget any fear of technology. In this module you’ll move through very simple but important steps for staying on top of your computer, document files, emails, cell phone and gadgets, as well as blogs and social networking – if they interest you.

You’ll feel a whole lot better about technology after this module.

Bonus eBook with this module:
Inbox Zen | 7 Simple Steps For Making Peace With Your Email


  » Organizing Your Computer
  » Creating a Filing System For Your Documents
  » Backing Up Your Files
  » Managing Your Software
  » Dealing Efficiently With Email
  » Using Filters, Rules & Alerts to Save Time
  » Managing Your Cell Phone
  » Managing Your PDA
  » Managing Your iPod
  » Managing Your Internet Use
  » Facebook
  » Reading Blogs
  » Starting & Maintaining Your Own Blog
  » Other Social Networking Sites

Module 6: Home

6. Home

For some people this module is the most work and the most rewarding. It takes you through your home, room by room, and prompts you to create the home environment you want.

An important part of this module is letting go of stuff you don’t want or need. This can lead to greater clarity in other areas of your life too. Some people even find that losing clutter helps them to lose weight.

Bonus eBook with this module:
How To Declutter Your Life


  » Identifying Your Home Values & Sense Of Style
  » Creating a Relaxing, Inviting Living Room
  » Organizing Your Kitchen & Dining Room
  » Organizing Your Home Office
  » Organizing The Kids’ Rooms
  » Making Your Bedroom a Sanctuary
  » Organizing Your Bathroom
  » Creating An Attractive Garden
  » Clearing Clutter
  » Discarding, Donating, Selling, Fixing
  » Household Systems & Paperwork
  » Organizing Your Car & Garage
  » Overcoming Declutter Resistance
  » Streamlining & Simplicity

Module 7: Personal Presentation

7. Personal Presentation

In this module you’ll address your appearance and closet. Far from being superficial, these activities will help you feel good about yourself from the inside out – a natural result of making the most of your assets. For the most part, this module is equally relevant for men and women.

You’ll be prompted to consider your clothes, accessories, purse, briefcase, closet organization and grooming.


  » Wearing Clothes That Look & Feel Good
  » Clothes Care
  » What’s Missing From Your Wardrobe?
  » Outfits For Your Lifestyle
  » Wearing What Suits
  » Accessories, Lingerie & Undergarments
  » Organizing Your Closet
  » Your Skincare & Make-Up Routine
  » Grooming
  » Poise & Confidence
  » Streamlining Your Handbag
  » Streamlining Your Briefcase
  » Organizing Your Wallet, Keys, Diary, & Make-Up Purse

Module 8: Happiness Strategies

8. Happiness Strategies

This module is a fundamental part of the program and a source of great personal growth for many people. Most of the material comes from my happiness research and thesis, where I learned we can do a lot to boost our own happiness level. As someone who wasn’t ‘born happy’ but has learned to be, I use these strategies daily.

You’ll be prompted to look at ways to be happier and release barriers to happiness.

Bonus eBook with this module:
How To Be Wise & Happy


  » Improving Cognitive Strategies
  » Choosing Empowering Beliefs
  » Becoming More Optimistic
  » Creating ‘Meaning’, Achievement & Self-Care Goals
  » Gratitude
  » Using Your Strengths
  » Developing Resilience
  » Building a Repertoire Of Mood Boosters
  » Kindness
  » Releasing Worry
  » Releasing Grudges
  » Releasing Cynicism
  » Negativity
  » Releasing Negative Self-Talk

Module 9: Money and Finance

9. Money & Finance

In this module you’ll work your way through your financial life – from debts, savings and investment, through budgets and record keeping, to insurance and contingencies.

Since most people know what they ‘should’ be doing, you’ll be prompted by these activities to take action, get organized and raise your financial self-esteem.

It’s a module that brings peace of mind to many people, as they finally do the things they’ve been meaning to do for ages.


  » Paying Off Debts
  » Paying Bills On Time
  » Reducing Expenses
  » Starting A Savings Plan
  » Increasing Your Savings
  » Reviewing Your Investment Strategy
  » Keeping Good Financial Records
  » Creating A Budget
  » Simplifying Your Financial System
  » Protecting Yourself With Insurance
  » Personal Security
  » Preparing For Contingencies
  » Advisers & Knowledge

Module 10: Relationships

10. Relationships

In this module you’ll take inventory of your romantic relationship and friendships as well as your own areas for improvement. This is another module that leads many people to big life improvements – not surprising, considering that relationships can make our lives joyous or miserable.

You’ll be prompted to examine the people and relationships in your life, how to improve them and how to boost your own relationship skills.


  » Improving Your Current Relationship
  » Finding A New Romantic Relationship
  » Improving Your Friendships
  » Developing New Friendships
  » Dealing With Relationships That Need Nurture
(Includes Worksheets For Individual Relationships)
  » Dealing With Relationships That Drain Your Energy
(Includes Worksheets For Individual Relationships)
  » Meeting New People
  » Overcoming Unhelpful Relationship Beliefs
  » Improving Communication Skills
  » Handling Conflict Better
  » Being More Independent Or Assertive

Module 11: Time Management

11. Time Management

In this module you’ll start by seeing whether your time expenditure matches your priorities. It usually doesn’t, but don’t worry – that’s a good starting point for change.

You’ll be prompted to streamline work and home tasks, use time better and target time wasters like busywork, distractions, self sabotage and dull recreation. You’ll also complete an exercising leading you to create your ideal schedule.


  » Analyzing How You Spend Time (Time Log)
  » Determining Your Priorities
  » Matching Your Schedule To Your Priorities
  » Streamlining Work Tasks
  » Making The Most Of Travel Time
  » Streamlining Home Tasks
  » Improving The Quality Of Family Time
  » Improving The Quality Of Self Time
  » Stopping Time Wasters: Unproductive Busywork
  » Stopping Time Wasters: Low-Value Recreation & Socializing
  » Stopping Time Wasters: Self Sabotage
  » Stopping Time Wasters: Distractions
  » Creating an Ideal (Template) Schedule

Module 12: Family

12. Family

We often say family is what matters most, but it can be what we proactively think about least. In this module you’ll look at ways to support your family, deal with issues that concern you, and also celebrate the good family times.

You’ll be prompted to consider your partner, children, parents, siblings and other family members in turn.

Bonus with this module: Life MakeOver Journal
(185-page interactive goal planning tool for life)


  » Supporting Your Partner/Spouse With Work Challenges
  » Supporting Your Partner/Spouse With Personal Challenges
  » Helping/Coaching My Child With School Challenges
(Includes Worksheets For Each Child)
  » Helping/Coaching My Child With Personal Challenges
(Includes Worksheets For Each Child)
  » Managing Issues With Parents
  » Managing Issues With Siblings
  » Managing Issues With Other Family Members
  » Celebrating Birthdays, Anniversaries & Important Family Events
(Includes Worksheets For Each Quarter Of The Year)

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Regular Emails

You can go through the workbooks at your own pace, but most people prefer to follow the set schedule, prompted via our regular emails – it means you only have to do the assigned amount and you’ll stay on track. It’s a nice way to know you’re making great progress without having to put too much pressure on yourself.

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Weekly E-Classes

This schedule comes to you via your weekly e-classes. These are short overviews of the projects for the week, plus tips and strategies to guide and motivate you. Sometimes there’s an optional video as well.

The e-Classes are well written and motivating – and we’ve made sure they’re nicely laid out. They also include numerous tips and suggestions, without being overly burdensome. After, who wants to spend all their time reading and then miss out on actually getting underway? Instead, we’ve set the e-Classes to be just the right length. The e-Classes at the start of the module have a number of extra suggestions, whilst by the end of the module they are briefer. We know you want to finish on a high!

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Accountability Forums

The forums are a particularly valuable part of the program, especially if you use them to log your weekly actions as we encourage you to. Others on the forums will encourage and motivate you, celebrate your success, and share support, resources and tips.

Forums may be a new experience for you, but don’t worry, we’ve prepared some simple instructions to guide you through, plus a video so that it all makes sense.

And once you get the hang of the forums you won’t look back – you’ll love logging on every few days (some people are on there every day!) interacting with the community, sharing your successes, and motivating others.

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Simple How-To Videos

Short videos get you up to speed in no time, meaning you can get started on Your New Life straight away.

We’ve mentioned the videos a few times already – that’s because people find them especially helpful. But don’t worry if you aren’t a fan of videos. All the instructions are available in written form too. It’s about using what works best for you!

Design Your Life - click to enlarge

Here’s an example of one of the videos, giving an overview of: How To Use The Design Your Life Program [Time: 3:29]

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Library of Resources

You get access to more than 550 downloadable, printable and super-practical organizing and goal-setting tools. Includes weekly and daily to-do lists, goal planners, schedules, charts, decision grids, career & business planners, gratitude journals, and much, much more.

These are all optional of course – don’t feel you have to be using them all (that would be way too much!). The big benefit here though, is that no matter what life area you are working on, there’s a list, schedule or planner to help you organize it better. Take advantage of this – some members have joined the program just to get access to this comprehensive library of resources!

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Plus bonus e-booklets throughout the program and a copy of Life MakeOver Journal.

» How to Declutter Your Life
5 simple steps to ditching the dross & embracing simplicity. Learn the OCI-OGO system and be free of clutter for life.

» Inbox Zen: 7 Simple Steps For Making Peace With Your Email
You’ll learn: How to achieve the holy grail of email – an empty inbox; How to never ‘check’ email again; The only four things you should do with email; 5 Strategies for radically simplifying your e-life; Includes a 25-Point Action Checklist for gaining control of email.

» How to be Wise and Happy
Modern-day, practical strategies for happiness inspired by some of history’s wisest philosophers. Socrates and self-knowledge, Schopenhauer and meaning, Epicurus and pleasure, Aristotle and the happy medium, Nietzsche and truth.

» Life MakeOver Journal
A month-by-month tool for setting goals and organizing related tasks, diary items, milestones and rewards. Helps you make your goals SMART – specific, measureable, achievable, relevant and time-framed. Start with any month.

How To Declutter Your LifeInbox ZenHow To Be Wise & HappyLife MakeOver Journal

Putting It All Together

Put that all together and this is what you’ve got – a comprehensive, yet easily manageable, strctured program that’s going to get you motivated and designing your new life in no time!

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What Else Can We Help You With?

Still got a question? Feel free to contact our friendly support department with your questions – no matter how weird, off-topic or trivial you may think they are. We love to get questions – plus you’ll help us to improve this page.

How To Join

Design Your Life Program

You can choose to join in one of two ways:

  • Monthly Membership ($39 per month): Your payment is automatically made each month (you can cancel at any time – absolutely no questions asked)
  • Lifetime Membership ($239 single payment): You make a single payment and remain a member for life.

Click the appropriate ‘Join Now’ button below and you’ll be taken to the secure payment gateway, where you can use your credit card or PayPal account to join up.

The Design Your Life program is an easy, practical way to create the life you want – week by week, step by step, action by action.

The Design Your Life program is currently closed to new members. Please contact Customer Support with any queries.

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