Getting Organized Has Never Been Easier

Now You Can Do It In Just 5 Minutes a Day…

Are You Getting Overwhelmed By The Overwhelm?

Time-poor? Busy? Overwhelmed? Then This is For You.

Organize In 5 is the time-poor, busy person’s solution to an organized life.

Nothing complicated, time-consuming or difficult. Just easy actions you can knock over in 5 minutes. Nope, I’m not kidding – 5 minutes.

Express Decluttering & Life Organization

Organize In 5 - Relax

With Organize In 5 you’ll tackle your home, work, closet, computer, health, finances, time management, relationships, family – even relaxation.

You’ll do it in tiny little actions that take just 5 minutes each. We even provide the timer!

Now because they’re little actions, they don’t seem like much effort at all.
But because they’re every day, or even most days (yes, it’s OK to miss a day), they’ll add up fast.

It’ll be as if you’d simplified, decluttered and organized like a mad person. Except you’ll be supremely sane. And happy.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Here’s how Organize In 5 works:

Organize In 5

1. Read Your Short Email

Each day you receive a short email with your daily organizing action.

The action is described in simple steps. It’s easy and achievable.

Organize In 5

2. Set The Timer and Go

Click the link in the email to start the timer and off you go.

Just 5 minutes – and you’re done!

Organize In 5

3. Get on the Forums

Afterward, if you like, chat (or boast!) about it on the forums.

Share your tips and learn from others.

Organize In 5


For a limited time new members receive a copy of:
How To Declutter Your Life

Learn the OCI-OGO system and be free of clutter – for life!

Ridiculously Inexpensive

And what do you pay for this painless answer to overcoming the overwhelm?

  • Organize In 5 costs just $4.95 per month for a strictly limited time. That’s less than $5 for a month of organizing for your home, family and work life.
  • Cancel at any time. You manage your subscription yourself, so you’re the boss – absolutely no questions asked.

Organize In 5

Simple, stress-free, easy!

I can’t imagine a simpler, lower stress, easier way to get organized.

Can you?

At last, you can be the organized person you’ve always wanted to be.
Join Organize In 5 today!

Click Here To Join Organize In 5 Now!

Or upgrade to Design Your Life. Includes weekly e-classes, workbooks and premium Member-only forums.

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