Get Organized Mission #7: Be Happy!

Get Organized Mission #7: Be Happy! Welcome to Mission #7 of our 52 Organizing Missions.

So far we’ve spent our 30-minute missions decluttering our homes, detoxing our handbags, briefcases and cars, sorting our bills and messages, and saying no to free stuff we simply don’t need.

This week we deserve a reward! So this week’s mission is all about being happy.

Yep, we’re going to spend some time noticing the things we enjoy and then (here’s the shocking part) doing them!!

Please don’t neglect this mission. I promise you’ll be glad you ignored the little voice in your head telling you this stuff is frivolous or selfish. The little voice might be surprised to discover that happiness is linked to a bunch of benefits for you and for your family, workmates, employers, friends and community.

Remember – you only need 30 minutes for the basic mission. Extended Options are below.

Get Organized Mission #7: Be Happy!

Step 1:

List 10 Things That Make You Happy (15 minutes)

First, download the Happiness Strategy: Pleasure List.

[drain file 295 show gow1]

(This list is from our Ultimate To-Do List Pack | Personal Edition.)

The list is interactive, so you can type into the fields and save the filled list on your computer. Or print and write if you’d rather.

Now, fill in the list – which means coming up with at least 10 things you like to do.

Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Take a bubble bath
  • Daggy dance to 80s tunes
  • Read a detective novel
  • Watch a fave TV show on DVD
  • Go for a walk somewhere pretty
  • Listen to your iPod in the garden
  • People-watch in a cafe
  • See an action film
  • Play a computer game
  • Do a jigsaw puzzle

Next, come up with at least one way you can do each item more often.

Keep your list somewhere handy – it’ll be a good resource next time you want a mood booster.

Step 2:

Pick One Thing From The List – And Do It! (15 minutes)

That’s right – you are required by the terms of 52 Organizing Missions to finish your 30 minutes doing something that makes you happy. Deal with it.

Dos & Don’ts

Extended Organizing Mission Options

Want to go beyond this 30-minute organizing mission?

  • Download extra copies and come up with 20, 30 or 50 things you enjoy, and ways to do them more often.
  • Download extra copies for the whole family. Brainstorm together, suggesting ideas for each other. Teaching your kids to know what make them happy and to rely more on themselves for happiness, and less on external highs, can be a precious life skill.
  • Keep your lists on hand for regular self-therapy. If you feel a little down or need a mood boost, you’ll know where to look.

Ready, Set, Go!

Remember – move quickly, act fast, don’t overthink.

Before You Go – Please Check In

You’re now accountable to your organizing mission-mates! Once you’ve completed this week’s Get Organized Mission please add a comment to let us know you’ve done your assignment and you’re keeping your commitment.

And see you back here next week!


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by Michele Connolly

Michele Connolly is into writing, books, simplicity, love, TV, productivity, and staying thin in a world of chocolate.

Gea says:

Mission completed!

Julia O'Connor says:

This is different, to really set aside time for “me” is very relaxing and no guilt feelings about it.

Jenni says:

I made my list and chose to read my current novel for 15 minutes. It made me very happy! I’ll try to incorporate the things that make me happy into my life more often. Thanks!

Maria says:


Chris says:

I got as far as downloading the Happiness Strategy table, filling it in and printing it out. I too decided that filling in a time or day beside the activity might help me actually get around to doing it. That was quite some weeks ago now, and as I read through the list again tonight, I realise that some of the things on the list need to be changed. I had it more as a “to do or not to do” list instead of a genuine “making ME happy” list. I am now about to adjust the list and reprint it. As it’s the start of the month, I think that I will evaluate it again at the end of the month and see what exactly I ticked off each week.

@Lene: I love your decision to do one thing that makes you happy every day! And I’m even happier that getting organized with 52 Organizing Missions is helping to make you happy! Woohoo! ♡♡♡

Lene says:

I have done mission #7 and it left me feeling happy :-) I thought it would be hard coming up with 10 things, but found it was hard to stop once I got started… So I decided to try to do one thing that makes me happy every day!
Anyway I am very happy I started this organizing project,- I can already see that it is working. Now I am looking forward to starting the next mission which is more decluttering. I am working my way through these missions at a higher speed as my aim is to be organized by summer, so that when August comes and I start work again, I will have established good routines for keeping everything in order and be able to enjoy everyday life without any stress!

I had my hair cut, followed by foils in it. I went shopping and bought some nice nail polish for my little girls and I. Another nice thing was a borrowed foot spa. Reading books whenever I can as well as decluttering them of course.

Abigail says:

That was fun. :-)

Jenny says:

This one was quite easy for me, being a spinster I am quite good at indulging myself and doing exactly what I please! But it was good to remember that although I do a lot of reading (which is my all time favourite love) I do a lot of WORK related reading so I’m going to get the guilt reading done in February and really indulge myself reading something totally frivolous in March.

Doro says:

After doing the list of ten things that make me happy, I noticed that reading, getting massages and going to the sauna all appeared on the list so I decided to really treat myself this time. I have been incredibly busy and stressed for the last couple of weeks and really need some time for myself, so I booked a week at a hotel with a huge spa area. Five days of sitting in comfy armchairs reading my book, drinking tea and looking out over the lake, sauna and massages. And good food, of course. I can’t wait!

Angie says:

What a great task for the week!

Nancy says:

This has been a great week! I did this week with my daughter; we did at least one activity from our lists each day. A weird side effect was that as the week went on, I felt happier in general for a longer time each day. It was unexpected, but I am definitely not complaining about it and will try and keep this mission going each week as well!

Le'Ann says:

I’ve made my list of 10 things that make me happy, and I am working on incorporating those things into my life more often.

Hayley says:

Much harder than I expected! First three or so were easy (cameras, boyfriend, running – the usual suspects), but after that, it got a little trickier. But I did finally manage my list of ten – and I’m not going to feel guilty about indulging every now and again.

Angie says:

I finished my list and now I pick one thing to do per week and I do that thing all week long.

Jessica says:

Just got the email but im done already! The thing that makes me happy that I picked was my daughter that im pregnant with, so I had fun rubbing my belly and watching her kick! :)

Vinil says:

Completed the task yesterday. Feels so good. Perhaps should do these more often. Watched TV for sometime. was so relaxing!!

Carrie says:

I (sort of) completed this mission last weekend. Believe it or not, I am having trouble coming up with a list! So, I just started with one item and actually DID that item. (I blogged about it if you’re interested in reading about it: Since I actually DID the first item on my list and doing that one took me 2 DAYS… I’m going to make completing my list my “extended mission”. :) I’m *happy* with that! :)

Theresa says:

I’M Happy…………

Marjorie says:

I completed this last night. It’s interesting that it also took me a while to come up with 10 things. This really was a thought provoking mission. I’m glad I took the time to complete it.

Amy says:

This is an interesting task. It seems strange that we need to give ourselves permission (and remind ourselves) to do things that make us happy. I had a bit of trouble thinking of 10 things, but now I’m glad I did.

Lauren says:

Done, I think, with plans to do more. Got a bit behind with the email snag, but looking forward to catching up!

Joey says:

Done. This was fun. I am glad I now have a rolling list of things to look forward to. Thanks.

St27 says:

Well , I needed this mission.#7 Happiness. I forgot all about it in the rush. Done. Thanks.

sheila says:

this is it taking the time to help myself get organized. But i will find somethings I enjoy doing, I certanly have lost myself since I had kids. Thank you!

Brenda says:

It is good to remember the good things in life rather then focusing on the negative all the time. Thanks.

geraldine says:

Have filled in the happiness strategy but nothing completed.
Have made lunch date with the girls though. Was suppose to book a facial but run out of time. Doing that now. Gonna have a bubble bath this weekend.

Silje says:

That was a good reminder to me! Thank you!

klimbo says:

Very refreshing! This week’s mission was a great delight! So much pleasure to (re)discover the little things that make me happy. And it is not selfish at all, because the happiness you give to yourself will spread to all others you meet and interact with. Thanks a lot!

tammy says:

I took a Saturday and Sunday and went to the knitting store, library, took a nap, a long bubble bath, read a book, watched my fav tv show and never once checked my email from work or did any work. Glorious

Mary Ann says:

I recently “allowed” myself to start going to the library on a regular basis, take time to browse the shelves, and find books that I can kick back and enjoy every evening (about 1/2 hour or so a night). What a great way to unwind and escape the chaos of the day! We sometimes forget how important it is to remember our own happiness.

Belinda says:

who knew there were soo many little things that make me happy. A simple hug from my daughter and her saying “I love you mummy” are top of the list.

Minima says:

This turned out to be a happiness warm fuzzy in itself! I actually spent an evening on and off considering, prioritising and organising a mini-plan for this. I found the print out list very useful.

I now have a ‘what, where, when and who with’ plan and I’ve designated a poly-pocket in my personal organising file for collecting whats-on info for easy reference, bookings and future consideration e.g theatre up and comings, cinema booking numbers, exercise class timetable, beauty care brochure. It will all be in one place when I need it.

Good stuff!

Kiara says:

Just writing the list was an instant buzz! See you in a week

tara says:

loved this one i like being happy!!!! 😉

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