11 Great Reasons To Be Happy

12 Great Reasons To Be HappyYou may know I researched and wrote a thesis on happiness for the honors year of my psych degree.

During that year I learned many fabulous, life-changing things about being happy – even for people who aren’t ‘born happy’ – and I’ll share these with you over time.

One of the most wonderful things I learned is that being happy doesn’t just feel good – it’s also associated with all kinds of benefits for you, and for people around you.

That means we can all feel good about choosing to be happier. It’s not a selfish goal, but rather a way to be, do and give more in our world.

Here are 11 of the advantages that go along with happiness – and 11 great reasons to be happy!

11 Great Reasons To Be Happy

Happiness is associated with:

  1. Physical & mental health
  2. Coping well
  3. Being resilient in tough times
  4. Work satisfaction
  5. Good relationships with colleagues, friends and loved ones
  6. Living a long life
  7. Having a strong immune system
  8. Liking yourself
  9. Liking others
  10. Altruism
  11. Handling conflict well

Here’s a bonus reason to be happy:

12.  It feels great!

Add a little sunshine to your own life, and you’ll spread more sunshine too! 🙂

Source: Lyubomirsky, S., King, L. A., & Diener, E. (2005). The benefits of frequent positive affect: Does happiness lead to success? Psychological Bulletin, 131, 803-855.

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