Help! I’m stuck in the vortex of procrastination!


Recently, a Get Organized Wizard subscriber requested our help. She was coping well with new challenges and tasks she was facing in her everyday life. But she had a deep, dark secret. A room full of clutter backlog she couldn’t face. Dunt, dunt, duuunt!

Does that sounds familiar?

Sometimes it’s a drawer that hides receipts, hundreds of pens, elastic bands or paperclips. Or a cupboard where things are thrown unceremoniously into the abyss, with the door closed quickly to avoid fallout. It plays on our mind every now and then, but it’s never enough to move us to action and start decluttering.

Well, let’s do something about it. Now!

  1. Name and shame a backlog item that needs priority attention*.
  2. Select a time to work on this task within the next 24-hours.
  3. Commit to the task and complete it.
  4. Come back here and tell me about it.
  5. Give yourself a big tick and consider another backlog task begging for your attention.

*Don’t attempt anything too torturous! Consider a 10-20minutes task that will make you feel good once you’ve tackled it.




Kylie Browne

Kylie is the Community Manager at Get Organized Wizard. Kylie would love to have a neat, tidy, organised home and does the best she can with boisterous youngsters who make life interesting.