Hidden Gems

Clutter Interrupted! Stop Getting Distracted By The Cool Stuff You Find!

Hidden Gems

You know what I’m talking about!

The screeching halt that overcomes you once you find something ‘loved and lost’ while trying to declutter.

For me, it’s photographs. I can’t help myself. I get swept away in memories and then, before I know it, waaaay too much time has passed and my declutter task remains unfinished. Rubber stamp required: *Declutter Fail*.

This happened to me earlier this week. Knowing this weakness, I’m going to be better prepared for next time. I will:

  1. Set a strict time limit. I may even set an alarm to help me. I do find that making a short timeframe mentally prepares me for speed – ¬†there’s no time to mess around.
  2. I will take a box with me, collect my distractions and look at them later.
  3. I will take garbage bags and a marker with me. Then I can easily nominate things for the trash, donation or recycling.
  4. I will do the task when I’m in a good mood and have minimal household distractions (laundry, children or meal time conflict).

What are your best tips for discovering and sorting treasures with minimal downtime?

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