Organize Your Eating: The Top 10 Diet Mistakes

Organize Your Eating: The Top 10 Diet Mistakes At this time of year people are thinking about food – planning Christmas meals, facing too much festive fare, or resolving to have better eating habits in the new year.

I can’t help you with the first, since I shop in the domestically-disabled section (near the Who Are You Kidding faux frypans).
But if you’re looking for eating behaviors to tame over the silly season or to drop in 2009, here are 10 definite duds.

The Top 10 Diet Mistakes

Andrew Cate, personal trainer and author of several books including The H Factor Diet, says these are 10 of the most common diet mistakes.

  1. Skipping breakfast
  2. Large portion sizes (even of healthy foods)
  3. Liquid kilojoules (including fruit juice)
  4. Failing to plan your meals in advance
  5. A food-only approach to health and weight loss
  6. Not eating enough fat (or more specifically, the right types of fat)
  7. Cutting out carbohydrates (especially low GI carbohydrates)
  8. Not drinking enough water
  9. Overindulging on weekends
  10. Thinking short-term

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