Organize Your Finances: An Overflow of Online Financial Calculators

image Millionaire Mommy Next Door has tracked down a veritable overflow (I know it’s not a collective noun, but I like the alliteration) of online calculators. They’ll help you ponder all kinds of financial scenarios, such as:

  • How does my salarycompare with others in my profession?
  • Should I pay ahead on my mortgageor invest the money instead?
  • How can I pay off my debtfaster?
  • How much do I have to save to reach my first million dollars?

There are 110 of these online calculators – helpfully sorted into categories that include:


  • Autos
  • Budgets, Income and Spending
  • Business
  • College
  • Comparisons
  • Credit Cards and Debt Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Goals
  • Housing (rent and mortgage)
  • Insurance
  • Investing
  • Loans
  • Net worth
  • Retirement
  • Savings

Check it out for yourself: 110 Financial Calculators: Fast Answers to Your Money Questions

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