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Organize Your Health and Fitness: How to Dodge Gym Germs

If you’re a regular gym-goer, you know what a hotbed of germs a gym can be.

Here’s a simple tip for getting a little insulation from the icky stuff left behind on yoga mats, cardio equipment and weight machines.

How to Dodge Gym Germs

Use the ‘sides’ of your towel. Let the label/tag side always be the side that touches or wipes down gym stuff and let the other side always be what touches you.

  • Place your towel label-down on yoga/stretch mats
  • Use your towel, label-down, as a buffer between you and exercise machines
  • Use your towel, label-down, as an extra buffer between you and bike seats
  • When you wipe sweat on yourself, use the non-label side on your skin

Of course you can’t avoid touching everything, but this little towel tip will help save you from protracted contact with whatever’s on those sweat-laden gym surfaces, and stop you transferring it directly to your skin.

And be sure to wash your hands well when you’re done.

Image by Kenny Miller

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