2009: A Happier, More Organized Year

2009: A Happier, More Organized Year

Happy 2009 Everyone!

It’s fabulous to be back with you and into the flow of creating happier, more organized lives for ourselves and the people around us (who can’t help but be affected by us).

I’d like to start my blogging year by sharing two things with you.

Live Now, Procrastinate Later

First, the motto on the first page of my hot-pink 2009 Smiggle diary – it’s a wittily perfect reminder to act now.

Live now, procrastinate later.

I’ve put a pink post-it on that page to remind me of this funny, sage advice every time I consult my diary. Maybe you’d like to use it to as a prompt too?

Simplify, De-clutter, Organize

Second, my personal getting-organized motto for the year – it sums up the three aspects of creating a long-term, personal-organization philosophy.

Simplify, de-clutter, organize.

More about that one later.

What’s Ahead

I’ve got some exciting getting-organized projects lined up for us in the months ahead.

First up is The 12 Days of New Year’s Resolutions for Better Personal Organization, which begins tomorrow. Each day we’ll cover a different life area to organize, and for each I’ll suggest a bunch of new year’s resolutions you might like to choose for yourself.

Till then, remember – Live now!

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