How to be Organized in 2009: Day 5 – Managing Technology

NYR Day 5

The 12 Days of New Year’s Resolutions

This is Day 5 of The 12 Days of New Year’s Resolutions for Better Personal Organization

I’m spending 12 days posting ideas for new year’s resolutions you might like to choose for yourself. Each day focuses on a different life area.

Remember: go for progress, not perfection.

Following is an edited extract from the introduction to Module 5: Managing Technology in Get Organized Wizard for Smart Women. 

Day 5: Organize your Technology

It’s getting more and more difficult to think of having an organized life without taking technology into account.

But more importantly for people wanting an organized life, technology offers lots of smart, time-saving, and downright cool ways to get better organized. There’s plenty to gain from taking charge of your technology – including better information, security, communication, work and play.

Now’s the time to think about organizing your computer, emails, gadgets, internet use and social networking (stuff like Facebook, photo-sharing, blogs). Here are some ideas…

  • Computer files
    Do you store documents, music and pictures on your computer? How are they organized? It might be time to structure your file storage, tidy your desktop and empty the re-cycle bin.
  • Computer documents
    If you have many documents you’ll need an organizing system. Give all your files names that help you find what you need faster.
  • Backing up
    You back up, don’t you? Well it’s time to organize a system to protect your all your important files. Include on- and off-site back up, and check that all important file types are included.
  • Software
    Spring clean your software – including unused software, updates and upgrades, registrations, CDs, manuals and licenses. When considering new software, do a cost-benefit check (if you’re very time poor the cost of learning may be too high).
  • Cell phone
    Your cell can be an expensive nuisance rather than a cool tool if it gets cluttered with outdated contacts, sent messages, texts and photos, or you have the wrong plan. Spring clean!
  • Personal Digital Assistant
    Organize your PDA for better performance – including sync, files, operating system, software and quick-start buttons.
  • iPod
    Freshen up your iPod. Organize your music, podcasts, audio-books and software, and manage your playlists.
  • Facebook
    Want to join Facebook? Then organize yourself to join, find and invite friends, keep in touch, update your status, post photos and more. (And come friend me!)
  • Other social networking
    Interested in more social networking sites? Get set up on Twitter (and follow me!), MySpace, Squidoo, Flickr (or other photo-sharing), IMDB, and forums and communities.

Question: What area of Technology will you work on in 2009?

Note for users of Managing Technology Wizard and Get Organized Wizard for Smart Women

Your Wizard contains guided worksheets for each one of these items, plus others, as well as additional prompts, ideas and suggestions to help you organize each one.

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