Get Organized For Moving House: My Top 3 Tips

Organizing Q & A: Get Organized For Moving House – My Top 3 Tips

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So what are the getting organized tips for moving house? The only thing I can think of is leave it to your wife to do.


Excessive spousal delegation is rarely a substitute for sound personal organization skills, dear reader, and sometimes an impediment to other conjugal pleasantries.

Instead, I suggest you consider my top 3 tips for getting organized to move house:

Tip #1: Get rid of 25 – 30 % of your stuff before you start packing.

See Get Organized Mission #1: Fill a Hu-u-uge Trash Bag for ideas on what to ditch.

If you really need something again, you can buy it. Chances are, you won’t miss it.

Best of all, packing, moving and unpacking will all be 25 – 30% easier.

Tip #2: Donate anything not used in the past 12 months.

If you didn’t use it last year you’re unlikely to use it this year.

Most of us have too much stuff anyway – pass it to someone who can use and enjoy it.

Tip #3: Pack for unpacking.

Think about how your new home will be set up, and box up your stuff accordingly.

  • Keep a rough floor plan with you to help you visualize – you’ll save time and hassle at the other end.
  • Keep like items together – eg books, clothes for hanging, kitchen utensils.
  • Label boxes by storage section as well as room – eg KITCHEN: Drawer; HALL: Linen closet; BATHROOM: Top cabinet.

And happy new home!

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11 thoughts on “Get Organized For Moving House: My Top 3 Tips

  1. Johannabrooke says:

    My first tip will be to make a list when moving. That way you have a plan in front of you. It might take a while, but if you do it well it will save you time later.

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