Organize Your Facebook Settings For Privacy

Organize Your Facebook Settings For Privacy

Would you like to share information on Facebook with family and personal friends, but not, say, with work colleagues?

You have control over your privacy settings in Facebook. Organizing your profile settings to determine who can see what is a simple two-step process:



1. Segment your Facebook friends into lists

Select from Family, Work, College, High School and other lists – or create your own.

Simply click Friends>All Friends on the top menu of your Facebook page to get started.

2. Choose the privacy setting

Decide which list can see which parts of your Facebook profile and other information.

To do this, click Settings>Privacy Settings>Profile on the top menu and select who can see what.

This is explained in more detail – complete with helpful screenshots – in Mashable’s short article: How to Use Facebook Privacy Settings and Avoid Disaster

And don’t worry – people aren’t notified when you change their ability to view your Facebook information.

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