Student Planners Galore! [Product Release Info]

Got a student in the family?
Then check out our brand new Ultimate To-Do List Pack | Student Edition.

Organization Skills Are A Key Part Of Academic SuccessOrganization Skills Are Key To Academic Success

What is it?

The Student Edition is a comprehensive set of student planners, schedules and to-do lists for well organized exams, essays, time management, research, study skills and lots more.

It’s fully interactive, printable and reusable.

Who’s it for?

College students will love the way these planners and organizers take the stress out of student life.

Working adults and graduate students will appreciate the strategic, organized and time-smart approach to getting things done.

What’s in it?

  • Schedules, Timetables & Planners – a range of daily & weekly planners, plus logs & grids
  • Courses & Subject Information – useful worksheets for keeping important info at hand
  • Assignment, Essay & Exam Planners – includes week-by-week semester planners so everything gets done on time
  • Goal Setting & To-Do Lists – various styles of lists and goal worksheets for personal and study goals and tasks
  • Improving Study Skills & Habits – includes strategies for better study skills and habits, plus greater productivity
  • Monthly Planners – month at-a-glance planners for July 09 to July 10 inclusive
  • Money & Shopping – with various text and stationery shopping lists, plus weekly, monthly and yearly budgets
  • Computer Stuff – worksheets for computer files, back-ups, software, registration keys and online research
  • Health & Fitness – includes organizers for meal planning, exercising and staying healthy
  • Contacts – lists for cell, IM and email details, plus a library log

Click here to see the full list of Student lists.

With more than 80 interactive, printable and reusable lists, organizers, planners and schedules, it’s all the help a student needs to get organized, plan a successful semester, and earn good grades.

How much is it?

Great value – the Student Edition is only $19.

This Month Only

As the latest addition to our Ultimate To-Do List Pack range, the Student Edition has been included in our Complete Suite and Ultimate To-Do List Value Pack – but we’ve kept the prices unchanged. These extra-value prices will only last till July 31.

Existing Complete Suite and Value Pack customers will receive the Student Edition as our gift, as part of our ‘Never Disadvantage Existing Customers’ policy. Expect an email from our support team shortly. 🙂

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