From Procrastination To Action


You may have noticed that the tag line of this site now reads ‘From Procrastination To Action’.
Here’s why…

From Procrastination To Action

Here at Get Organized Wizard we provide tools, inspiration and motivation to help you plan quickly – so you can spend most of your time taking action.

Many people fall into the trap of trying to increase their productivity, time management or personal organization by:

  • Buying self-help books that become shelf help
  • Attending seminars or watching self-improvement shows with time they could spend improving themselves
  • Shopping for storage paraphernalia that quickly becomes part of the clutter.

It’s so easy to get distracted by these activities, and to never get around to actually taking action to create the home, career, business, relationships and life we want.

Of course we need some planning so we don’t use our time haphazardly; but this shouldn’t be at the expense of doing.

52 Organizing Missions

52 Organizing Missions is a great example of using little planning to achieve big action. Each mission is only 30 minutes, but a look at the comments on the 52 Organizing Missions posts shows how much people achieve when they (a) make a commitment and (b) put their energy into getting started.

A recent comment shows this beautifully. I’ve copied it pretty much verbatim, because I love the sense of momentum and the wonderful drive that gets this Mission-Mate ‘into the swing of things’:

Ok, so I started, I walked and filled.

Suddenly I noticed the bag was dragging and bursting at the seams. Huh, ok another bag.

Hey my 30 minutes is up, still I can’t stop now I’m just into the swing of things. So on and on and on.

4.5 hours later 6 bags….and I haven’t even been into my garage yet.

Hey this was a wonderful task, not only did I feel I uncluttered my home, I feel more room in my brain too.

What Do You Need to Take Action on?

Perhaps it’s time to make a start, and let the momentum carry you from procrastination to action.
What can I do to help you take action?

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1 thoughts on “From Procrastination To Action

  1. Mary says:

    Let’s get started! Now that the kids are in school, I’d like to bring my mess into order, and really appreciate your plan of action! 🙂

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