Simplify Your Life Quick Tip: Abandon ‘Everyday’ Versus ‘Guest’ Tableware

Simplify Your Life Quick Tip: Abandon ‘Everyday’ Versus ‘Guest’ Tableware

Want to simplify your life? Try this Quick Tip:

Simplify Your Life Quick Tip #1: Abandon ‘Everyday’ Versus ‘Guest’ Tableware

When it comes to crockery, cutlery and glassware, forget having separate ‘everyday’ versus ‘guest’ sets.

Instead, choose tableware that is:

  • Attractive – so you’re happy to use it with guests
  • Decent quality – so it stands up to regular use
  • Replaceable – so you can easily get extras to cover those inevitable breakages
  • Dishwasher-safe – so it’s practical for everyday use
  • Microwave-safe – ditto
  • Family friendly – so everyone can use it
  • In a simple, classic design – so you don’t get sick of it quickly.

Great places to look for such sets include homewares and department stores. Or maybe you already have a suitable set in your ‘everyday’ or ‘guest’ stash that can cross the great divide?

Have you found a fabulous set of tableware that meets the Simplify Your Life criteria? Please share your find!

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3 thoughts on “Simplify Your Life Quick Tip: Abandon ‘Everyday’ Versus ‘Guest’ Tableware

  1. Tricia in England says:

    Oh, yes I have! Denby Denby Denby!
    (but its made in England 🙁 )
    It was the first set I bought when I set up home -both times. It is hardwearing and beautiful and you can warm plates in the oven, and they are mostly round so dont get stuck in the microwave like the square ones do. I like the shapes and the glazes are wonderful- my current set is Imperial Blue, but any of the blue, green, purple or black glazes tick my box. And the great thing is? You can find older designs going for a song on ebay and they still look like new – design wise.

    My one concession is I keep the dinner plates for best, but everything else is everyday and makes everyday feel like ‘best’.

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