Get Organized Advice For Messy Teens

Organizing Tips For Messy Teens

Organizing guru, Oprah regular, and fellow Australian Peter Walsh has some good advice for organizationally-challenged teens – and their parents.

In a recent Good Morning America article (from which I’ve taken *these quotes) he countered some of the common excuses that lead to adolescent organizing angst.

If your teen says:

Peter replies*:

But my stuff’s too valuable to throw out

‘If the stuff you bought isn’t helping you build the life you want, then it’s not worth it.’

But I’m too busy to clean up

‘You give time to what you believe is important.’

But I don’t have time

‘A messy space causes you to lose more time, because clutter makes you less productive.’

But I might need it one day

‘Focus on what’s happening now.’


And if parents say:

Peter replies*:

How can I help?

‘Parents have to show kids that organization is important… Step up and set the example.’


Walsh’s motto is that less junk equals a clearer mind and a better life. What teen doesn’t want that?

At least the better life part. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Get Organized Advice For Messy Teens

  1. Rachel Green - Confident Woman Australia says:

    The question to me is how much importance should we place on our teenagers being messy? I heard a Neurobiologist (or something similar) speaking on this and he said it doesn’t matter if they are messy. Instead we need to focus on whether they are getting enough regular sleep because their brains keep developing through until their twenties and this was more important. This matters more to me.


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