NEW! 52 Organizing Missions Workbooks – For a More Organized 2010

52 Organizing Missions Workbooks Are you one of the thousands of people changing their lives with 52 Organizing Missions? See for yourself the inspirational success stories.

To help turbo-charge your success, I’m excited to announce our brand new 52 Organizing Missions Workbooks to accompany the program.

Here’s what you’ll get in these motivating, downloadable workbooks:

  • Each weekly mission in attractive, printable format
  • Fully interactive planning worksheet, to-do list and success journal for each mission
  • A record of achievements as you go
  • Self-guided – progress at your own pace
  • Re-usable – repeat the program whenever you need a refresher
  • Live links to relevant blog post for accountability check-ins.

If you’re looking for an achievable, motivating way to make 2010 a more organized year, then come and join your mission-mates in 52 Organizing Missions.

And if you’d like the accompanying workbooks, check them out here:

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