Simplify Your Life: What Not To Wear

Simplify Your Life: What Not To Wear

In this new series, I’ll be suggesting ways you can make things simpler for yourself in various life areas.

Let’s start with your closet and your personal style.

Simplify Your Closet: What Not To Wear

I recently did a major closet cleanse. (I’ll write more about how and why in later posts.)

Getting so much stuff out of my wardrobe in one go highlighted patterns in what simply didn’t work for me. When I went shopping a few days later to fill in some closet gaps, it was so easy – I knew which items, styles, shapes and colors to avoid. Life became a lot simpler!

Streamlining your personal style  can really help to simplify your life.  And although they offer fabulous advice, you don’t need Trinny & Susannah to create your own ‘What Not To Wear’ list.

My ‘What Not To Wear’ List

Here are some things I can safely rule out for myself, no matter what the current fashion:

  • Polo necks – snug but not flattering on me
  • Anything wool – too itchy
  • Anything white – I always end up with highlighter/lipgloss/chocolate on me
  • Pencil skirts – they look fabulous but are too much trouble to walk in
  • Non-hipster tights – uncomfortable
  • Large patterns – I’m petite and they overwhelm me
  • Flat shoes – I like serious heels
  • Corporate-looking clothes – never have anywhere to wear them
  • Closed-toe shoes – I love boots in winter and open toes in summer, so these never get worn
  • Gold evening shoes – my bling is silver or white gold, and gold shoes don’t go
  • White underwear – it turns grey unless washed separately – why bother?
  • Handbags without compartments – too hard to find things
  • Warm color tones – they make me look unwell
  • Miniscule evening purses – must be able to accommodate my iPhone, lipgloss, keys, mini-fragrance, tissues and a pen without losing shape
  • Anything patchwork – um, do I need a reason?
  • Denim on denim – just don’t like it
  • Visible bra straps – ditto.

Your ‘What Not To Wear’ List

Now it’s your turn.

How do you know what belongs on your personal ‘What Not To Wear’ list? Try things on in front of a full-length mirror. Or mix a batch of cocktails and invite some honest-but-kind friends over for their advice.

Don’t worry about individual pieces that fail you here. Rather, be on the lookout for patternsentire classes of fabric, color, shape or style that you can drop altogether from your personal style repertoire.

Think about:

  • Outfits that get you compliments – and ones that never do
  • Things you try on and discard every time
  • Fabrics that feel uncomfortable on your skin
  • Fabrics that never seem to fall right on your frame
  • Shapes that make you look too short/tall/chubby/skinny/boyish/voluptuous, etc
  • Hem lengths that don’t flatter your legs (TIP: A hem that falls to the widest part of your calf can make legs look chunky)
  • Necklines that look dowdy (TIP: A high neck on a large bust can be unkind)
  • Colors that make you look yellow, or red, or as though you’re about to faint
  • Strap sizes that don’t suit your shoulders (TIP: spaghetti straps can exaggerate broad shoulders)
  • Fit – either too baggy or sausage-skin.

As you identify these patterns, compile your personal What Not To Wear list. It will become an indispensible guide in helping you to clear out your closet, become a power-clothes-shopper, and develop your own personal style.

And perhaps best of all, it will make your life simpler. 🙂

[Image by Ningyoboy’s Closet]

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