What Might You Gain if You Let Things Go?

Let Things Go

Recently I was looking through the 52 Missions Home Organizer comments.

I re-discovered a comment that reminded me afresh of the wonderful, unexpected gifts that can come when you finally release old stuff from your life:

11 full boxes of books are now sitting by the door, waiting to go to the donation bin at the local library‚Ķ and I found a gift book I’d never looked at.

Inside it was a note from my father, which I’d never seen. He passed away almost two years ago, and finding that letter tonight was an astonishing, emotional, uplifting reward for finally parting with some of the gargantuan piles of books that have been collecting dust in all corners of my house. Thank you, Michele, for the kick in the motivation!

If you let your old stuff go, what might you discover?

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