Get Organized For Thanksgiving

Get Organized For A Happy Thanksgiving (With 2 Thank-You Gifts For You)

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so it’s a great time for me to say a heartfelt thank you to my customers and readers. I really cherish you guys. And your intelligence and striking good looks are without parallel. Smile

Anyway, here are 2 little Thanksgiving-y resources from me, to help you to be:

  • More organized
  • More thankful and happy.

They’re interactive, reusable planners. You can type and save  on your computer, or print and write by hand.

1. Grocery List Template – Interactive

If you need to do some last-minute grocery shopping for Thanksgiving, use this Grocery List Template to keep track of the items you need, by category.

Get it here for free: Grocery List Template

2. Gratitude Journal – Interactive

Being thankful actually makes you happier, according to a bunch of studies. Any of these will help to increase your happiness:

  • Writing about positive events (1)
  • Counting your blessings (2)
  • Noting 3 good things each day (3).

You can do any or all of these with the Gratitude Journal.

Get it here for free: Gratitude Journal

So be organized, be grateful, be happy – and bring on the pumpkin pie!


(1) Burton, C. M., & King, L. A. (2004). The health benefits of writing about intensely positive experiences. Journal of Research in Personality, 38(2), 150-163.

(2) Lyubomirsky, S., Sheldon, K. M., & Schkade, D. (2005). Pursuing happiness: The architecture of sustainable change. Review of General Psychology, 9(2), 111-131.

(3) Seligman, M. E. P., Steen, T. A., Park, N., & Peterson, C. (2005). Positive psychology progress: Empirical validation of interventions. American Psychologist, 60(5), 410-421.

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