Giving Thanks: 5 Little Notes Of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends! In the spirit of this day, I thought I’d share 5 things I’m feeling especially grateful for.

Remember, feeling grateful makes you happier – so think about what you’re thankful for, too.
(BTW – Have you downloaded your free Gratitude List?)

5 Thank-You Notes

Dear Mean, Mega-Ambitious Person At My Last Job

Thank you for being so nasty to the people in my department. Thank you for making it unpleasant to go to work every day. Without you, I would never have left, started a business, got a psych degree, and found work I enjoy way more. I’m so grateful to you.

Dear Cruciverbalists

Thank you for giving me a fun way to boot up my brain every morning. Both cryptic and quick, thank you for using your word-nerdery to challenge and delight, day after day.

Dear Friend Who Took Great Offense At Something I Said

Thank you for telling me you were upset with me, and not withdrawing, or sulking, or drifting away. Often my mouth is in fourth while my brain is still idling. Thank you for giving me the chance to realize what I’d said, apologize, and stay friends with you.

Dear Tarquin*

Thank you for making me delicious coffee every day – even on those days when I’m Miss Cranky-Pants. Thank you for never judging me – even when I’m ridiculously over-caffeinated. Thank you for simply making my coffee, with your unconditional good grace and your excellent crema.

*My espresso machine

Dear Extra 10 Pounds

Thank you for finally shoving off, and giving me a great excuse to buy a heap of cute new clothes. If it weren’t for you I would never have found that fabulous blue dress, or those cool motorcycle jeans.

What Are You Grateful For?

Please share your thank-you note in the comments.

What Are You Grateful For

I’d love to know what you’re feeling thankful for!

btw here’s 8 simple tips to help when you’re overwhelmed.

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