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Improve Email Productivity With Bullet Points

Want to spend less time on emails but wary of sounding rude if you’re too brief?

Here’s the answer.

  1. Write all your emails and replies in bullet points.
  2. Add a note to your signature file to say you’re using bullet points to boost productivity.

Here’s how.

1. Using Bullet Points

Whether you’re organizing a meeting, answering a question, clarifying a point, or communicating any other information, distil each idea into a bullet point.

Bullet points mean:

  • One idea per point
  • Short, simple words
  • Clear, direct communication.

You could also limit yourself to a set number of sentences. But bullet points have several advantages over sentences:

  • They’re easier and quicker to write
  • They’re easier and quicker to read
  • The single idea per point means they’re simpler to understand fast.

Example 1: Organizing a Meeting

  • Meeting: 1pm Tuesday 12 Nov Conference Room A
  • Purpose: Assign responsibilities for Top Secret Project
  • Reply: Yes to confirm.

Example 2: Answering a Sales Rep’s Question

  • Product is available in hot pink
  • Discount applies to blue and green colors.

Example 3: Clarifying a Point

  • I did say I would be at the conference
  • However I won’t be staying for the dinner
  • Please deduct dinner charge from my invoice.

2. Adding an Explanatory Note

To avoid sounding abrupt, simply add a note along these lines to your email signature file:


I want to spend to less time on emails, so I’m using bullet points.
Join me: http://EmailBulletPoints.com


Will you try it? Let me know!

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    El día de ayer envíe un email utilizando viñetas, eran varias consultas que necesitaba hacer a una persona, y resulta q me contesto diciendo que era una grocera al utilizar viñetas, quisiera saber como son las reglas de envío incluso para saber si amerita una disculpa

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