20 Things To Check Off For A Fresh Start

New Year New Start

Whether you’re approaching a new year, season, birthday, anniversary, or any other milestone, it’s a great time to make a fresh start, and to think about what you want to leave behind.

I’ve put together 20 ideas for things to do before starting afresh. Some of these will take an instant, some a little longer. Choose the ones that speak to you, and if you can, get them sorted before too long. You’ll make your fresh start feel great!

20 Things To Check Off For A Fresh Start

  1. Let go of grudges. Make a call, send an email or card, or simply forgive in your heart. But don’t take ill will into the future with you.
  2. Make a will – if you need one. Or at least make an appointment to meet with a solicitor.
  3. Declutter 50 items from your home. If you don’t know where to start, start here.
  4. Find some kind of exercise you can tolerate doing regularly. Dancing around the house, walking the dog, taking the stairs between floors at work – anything will do. But do it. Most days. Here are some more ideas for organizing your fitness.
  5. Commit to eating a few more vegetables most days. Add a salad or a side of veggies to meals, or have a vegetable-based meal sometimes.
  6. Have at least one outfit you feel good in. Work your closet or go buy something. And then wear it.
  7. Drop something you absolutely hate from your life. For instance, outsource the business accounts, get a fortnightly cleaner, or resign from the committee.
  8. Add something you absolutely love to your life. Maybe listening to music in the bath, joining a softball league, or taking up ballroom dancing.
  9. Set some goals for yourself. Use a notebook or whiteboard, or my Goals & Priorities Diary is also perfect for doing this.
  10. Make a date to catch up with someone you miss. The years pass quickly – don’t neglect this one. If you already have too many people in your life, declutter your friends.
  11. Throw out or donate anything in your closet you hate – no matter how much it cost you. You’ll feel instantly liberated. If you have time, clear out your closet.
  12. Decide to stop frowning so much (are you doing it now?).
  13. Accept a compliment without deflecting or explaining it away. Instead, practice saying ‘Thank you’ with a smile.
  14. Adopt OCI OGOOne Comes In, One Goes Out – and you’ll stay on top of clutter creep. Make this a habit for life.
  15. Tell someone you love them.
  16. Ask someone for help – if you need it. It can be a friend, family member, or professional. But if you’re struggling, ask.
  17. Get a diary. If you like to focus on a few key things each day, then check out my Goals & Priorities Diary.
  18. Declare email bankruptcy. If you have thousands of outstanding emails, delete or archive them and start afresh (if necessary, check with your boss). To stay on top of your inbox in the future, Stop ‘Checking’ Email, Improve Inbox Management, Improve Email Productivity With Bullet Points, and Simplify Email.
  19. Delete anything from your to-do list that’s been there more than a month. Or be more ruthless and radically declutter your to-do list.
  20. Teach your children to do one thing they’re old enough to take on themselves. Cooking one night a week? Their own laundry? Tidying their rooms each night?

Have I left out something you think should be here?

Please tell me in the comments!

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26 thoughts on “20 Things To Check Off For A Fresh Start

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  2. Celia says:

    Learn something new; it helps keep your brain active. (I asked for -and got for Christmas – a Rosetta Stone program to learn a new language this year, just because I want to.)

  3. cath carpenter says:

    I REALLY like #18… I have enough in my life to feel guilty and overwhelmed by…. my emails too???????????????? ENOUGH!

  4. Barbara says:

    Love this list, especially the item pertaining to friends — I’ve been dreadful about keeping up with my friends, except for Facebook…

    Also, Hubs and I will implement a new rule for books: 2 out for every 1 brought in — they’re overtaking our home!!

  5. Michelle says:

    Wow. This has reminded me that I really haven’t thought about goals for 2011.

    And now I don’t HAVE to. I only have to refer to this article! Wonderful and very thought provoking.

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