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As we’ve had such an amazing response to the Goals & Priorities Diary Free Offer, I thought it might be helpful to address a few support queries that keep coming up.

I Can’t See The Code

Problem: After clicking ‘Like’ on the Get Organized Wizard Facebook Page, you can’t see the special offer details with the coupon code.

Solution: Allow a moment for the page to refresh. If it doesn’t automatically do so, return to the Free Diary tab (red arrow above) or click here.

The Diary Doesn’t Appear In My Cart

Problem: This is a rare problem that usually means ‘cookies’ aren’t enabled in your web browser.

Solution: Use a different web browser – eg if you’re using Internet Explorer, try using Firefox or Chrome instead.

I Get Error Messages When Trying To Download My Files

Problem: You complete your order, but receive an error message when trying to download the files.

Solution: This is most likely due to server overload. The high volume of orders we’ve received (many thousands!) has meant we’ve had to upgrade our servers twice in the past two days.

The good news is that your order is in the system, and you can simply return later, log back in, and download your diary then.

You will also receive an email confirmation which includes the download link.  However, our email sever has also had to be upgraded to cope with the demand, so your email may take up to a couple of hours to reach you.

I Get An ‘Error Opening The File’ Message 

Problem: You don’t have the latest version of the free Adobe Reader.

Solution: Download the free Adobe reader. After installing it, re-try opening your files.

Something Else?

We also have a general Frequently Asked Questions page if your concern isn’t dealt with here.

Or if there’s something else, please leave a comment on this page so we can address it for everyone. I appreciate that!

Thank You

Thanks so much for all the wonderful messages on the Facebook page! It’s awesome. Smile

I’m very happy the Diary is so popular, and I’m excited to hear how it plays a part in your fabulous 2011. Please keep sharing!

8 thoughts on “Goals & Priorities Diary Free Offer | FAQs

  1. Tamara says:

    I was disappointed that I couldn’t enjoy your great free diary offer, it sounds like a very useful tool. However, I don’t choose to spend any of my time on facebook!

  2. Craig Bailey says:

    Hi Laura,
    At home I suggest you copy the instructions from Facebook and email it to yourself at your work email address, then you’ll be able to download it at work and print it out.
    Get Organized Wizard Customer Support

  3. Laura says:

    I was able to get my code using Fcebook at home, but here at work (where I have access to a PC and a printer) Facebook is blocked. Is there a way to get my calendar for here at workusing an iPad at home, so I cannot use a lot of the features.

    Thank you!


  4. abhi says:

    your diary is very good. its format is very useful for everyone.
    can u please tell me how can i get the hard copy i.e the book.
    having a book in hand would be much more useful to me.

    thank you,
    with regards,

  5. Craig Bailey says:

    Hi Michele,
    Craig from Get Organized Wizard Customer Support here.
    Although it is rare, I’ve seen this issue happen a few times.
    It is usually due to a setting in Adobe Reader.

    First, could you please update to the latest version of Adobe Reader – you can get it from here:

    Second, after installing, run up Adobe Reader. From the Edit menu -> select Preferences. In the Document preferences, in the Save Settings section there is an option labeled ‘Save As optimizes for Fast Web View’. Could you please ensure this is unticked.
    Click OK to Save your preferences.

    Thirdly, you will have to download your Goals and Priorities Diary again and start fresh. Unfortunately from what you have described it sounds as though the interactive features have been removed – so you need to start with a new version.

    Could you please try this and report back with an update. I’m keen to get this resolved for you and help anyone else who may be having this same problem.


  6. Michele Masson says:

    Yesterday, January 1st, I started my journal by typing onto the document in adobe reader. Today when I went to type my goals for today I was told the original document contained special features which have now been taken away and I am unable to type onto the document. I love the Goals and Priority Diary as it has already helped me, so if I can get some feedback as to how to keep journaling onto it every day it would be greatly appreciated.

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