Get More Done With This Mindset Shift

Get More Done

Do you feel you spend a lot of time being busy, doing stuff, working on things – but at the end of the day you haven’t achieved very much?

Would you like to get more things checked off every day?

Here’s a little mind trick that can help you shift your focus and get more done.

How To Get More Stuff Done

The trick to getting more done is to shift your thinking from doing stuff to getting stuff done.

From working on the task to checking off the task.

From a present-tense ‘ing’ word to a past-tense ‘ed’ word.

The change of mindset can help you increase output and move faster in a number of ways:

  • Because you’re focused on a specific outcome, you’re better able to avoid trivial distractions
  • Because you’re visualizing an endpoint rather than an in-progress task, you move more quickly
  • Because it’s an outcome you want – a completed task – rather than something you don’t want – a task you have to do – you feel more  motivated.

Here are some examples of mindset shifts you can make on your to-do list:

Instead of this:

Try this:

Process invoices

Make 10 cold calls

Work on draft of presentation

Do 3 staff reviews

Write a blog post

Get invoices sent

Get 10 cold calls made

Get first draft of presentation finished

Get 3 staff reviews done

Get a blog post written

Of course, there are many things you’ll want to tackle in a more relaxed way. But for the tasks you simply want to get finished, this mindset shift can add a lot of checks to your day.

Try it – and let me know how it works for you.

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