30-Day Organize-athon | Day 10: Organize Your Garage

30-Day Organize-athon 10

Welcome to the 30-Day Organize-athon!

In today’s 5 minutes we’re going to express-organize your garage (yes, I’m serious!).

Remember: clarity, freedom, and order. Let’s begin.

Day 10: Organize Your Garage

Step 1: Get a large box or bag (you may need several). Quickly scan your garage and toss into your box/bag any:

  • Junk
  • Outgrown toys and clothes (if sorting through boxes for donate-able items is an obstacle to getting it done, then simply toss it all)
  • Ancient seasonal items, holiday decorations, etc
  • Rusty or broken tools
  • Rusty or broken gardening implements
  • Rusty or broken garden furniture
  • Prehistoric gardening supplies
  • Memorabilia (unless it’s genuinely meaningful to you – and if it’s been gathering dust out here for decades, then let’s be honest, it probably isn’t)
  • Stuff from when you last moved that’s never been unpacked (if you haven’t opened it you don’t need it)
  • Notes and books from school, college, etc
  • Accoutrement for abandoned hobbies, sports and interests (if you take it up again, buy what you need afresh; it will cost you less overall when you take stress, clutter and mental clarity into account)
  • Anything you haven’t used in the past 12 months.

Step 2:  Pop your boxes/bags into the trash or take them the car for a trip to the tip.

And you’re done!

Got an Extra 5 Minutes?

  1. Consider whether you want to install shelving, hooks, etc, to better organize your garage space.
  2. Make a note to buy shelves, hooks, and supplies, and/or or to contact a handyman.

Now isn’t that a beautiful thing?

The 30-Day Organize-athon Mantra

Move fast. Don’t overthink. Let it go!

Start the 5-minute timer now.

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See you tomorrow!

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