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30-Day Organize-athon | Week 1 Prizes For Getting Organized

From Procrastination To Action 2-Volume Set

I’m so excited by the amazing response to the 30-Day Organize-athon!

Well over a thousand people have committed to getting organized for spring and completing the 5-minute organizing task each day for the 30 days of April.

And hundreds of people are checking in each day, either here on the blog or on the relevant post on my Facebook page.

Best of all has been the wonderful changes many of you are telling me about in the comments – a sense of finally getting free of clutter and chaos, of getting organized and feeling fabulous! I love it!

Isn’t it surprising how much you can achieve in just 5 minutes?  Even more surprising is how easy it is to keep going once you’ve made a start. A lot of you have commented on this, and thanked me for giving you the motivation to begin.

Well, I want to thank you – for rising to the challenge, for making the commitment, for persevering each day, and for helping to make the world a happier, more organized place. You guys are awesome!

This week’s winners are:  Natalie Edwards Johnson (Facebook commenter)  and Danielle (blog commenter). You’ll each be contacted shortly about your prizes (or contact HelpDesk@GetOrganizedWizard.com if your prefer).

Each winner receives the From Procrastination To Action Workbook Set, containing Volume 1 and Volume 2.

I created these workbooks in response to reader requests for me to collate my best tips and most motivating blog posts into one attractive, easy-to-read, downloadable PDF.

The two volumes together contain more than 100 posts on getting organized, decluttering, productivity, and time management (you can see the topics here and here), across more than 400 pages. Plus there’s an interactive action to-do list for every post – so you can turn that motivation into action right away. Open at any page and you’ll find a fresh, motivating idea to help you get better organized and move from procrastination to action. There are also live links to free downloads.

There are more prizes to come in the weeks ahead, including The Works! Pack, which contains our entire collection of organizing and productivity products and membership programs, including the hugely popular 52 Missions Home Organizer, Life & Goal Organizer, Design Your Life, My Business Organizer, plus much, much more!

So keep doing your 5-minute organizing tasks and checking in each day on the relevant blog post or on the relevant post on my Facebook page.

And I’ll see you shortly for Day 9’s task. Smile

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