3 Day Organize athon Program

30-Day Organize-athon Pack: Get Your Free Copy!

30-Day Organize-athon Pack

This offer has now closed.

By popular demand, the hugely successful 5-minute decluttering and organizing program is now available in the 30-Day Organize-athon Pack. It includes a 128-page e-workbook plus a 30-day email series automatically delivered to your inbox each day.

What Is The 30-Day Organize-athon?

Make a fresh start and get better organized in just 30 days with the easy and motivating 30-Day Organize-athon.

Over 30 days I’ll give you a daily 5-minute organizing or decluttering project. Each assignment will be a simple, step-by-step task to organize a small aspect of your home, time or life.

That’s just 30 days of 5-minute tasks – totally achievable!

What Do You Get In The 30-Day Organize-athon Pack?

Your 30-Day Organize-athon Pack includes:

  • 30 x 5-minute decluttering and organizing tasks plus 1 x bonus task
  • Optional daily emails containing your daily task
  • Optional extra 5-minute tasks
  • 128-page interactive e-workbook containing:
      – All 30 tasks plus optional extra tasks
      – Bonus task
    To-do list for each task
      – 30-Day Organize-athon Checklist
      – Comment links for commitment and motivation.

At the end of the 30 days, your home and life will be transformed – and it will only have taken you 5 minutes a day! Very cool. Smile

What Do People Say About The 30-Day Organize-athon?

"The changes have been so exciting… The house feels so good. We seem to be picking up after ourselves more often, and I’m making a point to make that my new habit… Maybe all the changes would have eventually happened without the challenge, I don’t know, but it sure pulled me out of a rut, and I am so close to my goal now that there just is no stopping me. All the changes in such a short amount of time makes me feel as if I’m living in a new place, one that is tidy, restful and energizing." – Julia

"I am so thankful for this monthly challenge. It has gotten me motivated to keep on decluttering and cleaning. Now at days end when I sit in my recliner, I can enjoy the time and relax without feeling so guilty about how things look." – Annette

"This has been absolutely enjoyable and so doable. Love the new me and a much cleaner environment. It is so liberating that my creative juices are beginning to flow–I’m hoping to reach flood levels soon…Who knew that I could be a new person in just two and a half hours? " – Barbara

I Want One! How Do I Get It For FREE?

The 30-Day Organize-athon Pack is available in our store for $29. But we’d like to give you a copy, as a thank-you for joining the Facebook Page.

To get your 30-Day Organize-athon Pack , click the [Like] button (it looks like this –>Like Get Organized Wizard on Facebook) on the Facebook Page.

Once you like the page you’ll be taken to a special tab with a coupon code to enter at the checkout. Entering this code at the checkout will make your Pack free (no credit card or PayPal details are needed). You’ll be able to download your Pack right away!

If you already like my Facebook page, just click the [30-Day Organize-athon] link under my Wall picture to view your coupon code.

Like the Get Organized Wizard Page now.

How Do I Tell My Friends?

Simply click the [Send] button at the top of this post (it looks like this –> Click the Send button at the top of this page to tell your friends about this cool offer!) and enter your friends’ email addresses or Facebook names. They’ll receive a link to this page so they can take advantage of this cool offer, too. How easy is that!

Hurry though – this offer is only valid for a strictly limited time! This offer has now closed.

The 30-Day Organize-athon. Easy, motivating, and achievable!

42 thoughts on “30-Day Organize-athon Pack: Get Your Free Copy!

  1. Cruz says:

    I am interested and desperate to get organized so that I can get on with my life and maybe learn how not to be intimidated by my computer and learn how to operate with confidence to take advantage of opportunities like this. Can I still get the 30-day organize-athon?

  2. The Crazy Mom says:

    I am interested in a review copy of this. I plan to blog this summer about my (seemingly futile) attemp at decluttering my house. I could post at least once a week about my progress if you are interested. 🙂

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