Is Clutter Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals?

Clear Clutter To Achieve Goals

Clearing Clutter Can Increase Success

Jack Canfield points out that a cluttered physical environment can undermine success in several ways:

  • Clutter drains energy
  • Clutter hides problems
  • Clutter blinds us to opportunities and ideas.

If you feel held back in your personal goals or career goals, could clutter be part of the cause?

Get Rid Of Clutter To Get Ahead On Your Goals

To get rid of clutter and clear the path to achieving your goals, survey the space where you want more success – at home, at work, or both.

Look for things that inhibit your sense of mental clarity – stuff that distracts you, bugs you, or undermines you.

For example, look out for:

Every time you notice these things in your environment, they cause stress that can undermine you. So get rid of them!

  • Start using your supplies, or if there’s too much, give it away. Have spares, but don’t hoard more than you need.
  • Make a date in your diary to process your paperwork. Then, make a large cup of coffee or tea, put on some music, and power through those piles.
  • Set aside a day or a weekend to systematically work through your procrastinated tasks. Make a list of tasks, and feel a growing sense of relief and energy as you check them off.

Getting rid of clutter may take a little time today, but it will move you closer to the things you want tomorrow.

Taking Action

What will you do today to remove clutter from your space?

Want More Help?

If you’d like more help getting rid of clutter, try my 52 Missions Home Organizer.

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2 thoughts on “Is Clutter Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals?

  1. Daniel M. Wood says:

    Having a good overview of your goals, you plans and what you need to do makes it a lot easier to work towards them. Getting rid of clutter in your work place will let you work more efficiently, at home it reduces stress.

    Getting everything organized makes your life a lot easier.

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