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Want More Time And Energy? A Surprising Way To Get More Of Both.

Want More Time & Energy? Have Less Stuff.

It seems everybody wants more time.

We read books on getting things done

We stress ourselves out with multi-tasking.

We complain to anyone who’ll listen that we’re so awfully busy.

And we wish we had more energy.

We load up on caffeine and sugar to get through the day.

We don’t let ourselves stop for fear we won’t be able to start up again.

But there’s a simpler way to add minutes or hours to our days and energy to our lives. How?

Get rid of stuff.

Here’s why, and how to do it.

Things = Time And Energy

It’s obvious that things = space.

The more stuff you have, the less free space you have.

A cluttered environment is like a page without paragraphs or margins. It looks ugly and it’s stressful to navigate.

Less obvious is that things = time and energy.

Time and energy to buy; to store; to put away, or alternatively, to trip over; to look for; to shop for when lost amid the clutter; to move around when looking for other things; to feel irritated about; to evaluate when trying to find room for new things; to loathe when friends come over and see a mess; to dust; to feel guilty about not dusting; to create mental clutter; to deny us a place of calm at the end of the day; to undermine a sense of order in our lives.

In short, things cost much more than the dollars we spend to buy them.

If we use them and/or love them, then that cost is probably justified. Loved, beautiful, useful things earn their place in our lives and homes.

But everything else – every ill-fitting sweater in the closet, every rarely-used gadget in the kitchen, every dust-gathering ornament in the living area – costs you more than it gives you. It costs you space, time and energy.

How To Have Less Stuff, And More Time And Energy

Reminding yourself about the true cost of stuff is like applying a reality filter when you look at the things in your life. It will help you make smart, quick decisions about what to keep and what to lose.

  1. When considering what you should purchase, remind yourself that Things = Time and Energy. If you don’t need it or love it, don’t buy it.
  2. When considering what you should keep, remind yourself that Things = Time and Energy. Whenever you spot something in your home that you don’t need or love, donate or discard it.

As you free yourself of things, you’ll free up time and energy for your real priorities in life – like family, relationships, health, and goals.

One caveat, though. Whatever you do with your newfound time and energy, don’t spend it shopping. Winking smile

Image by Aaron Geller

8 thoughts on “Want More Time And Energy? A Surprising Way To Get More Of Both.

  1. Timo Kiander says:


    It amazes me every time how I feel so full of energy after doing some decluttering and organizing.

    Although the clutter may not be visible, knowing that it’s gone makes me feel good and full of energy 🙂


  2. Trudy Schenk says:

    Michelle, I love this concept! I think that it is definitely easier (at least for me) to not buy stuff in the first place, because the process of getting rid of stuff you already own takes time and energy in itself.

  3. Shop Closet Organizers says:

    Michelle I couldn’t agree more girl! Time is the biggest thing in life we can never get back. I always donate extras out of my closet. It not only helps keep my closet uncluttered but helps others. Its a win win

  4. marquita herald says:

    Well I’m not into “stuff” but time is another matter … as far as I’m concerned it’s a matter of priorities. I coached new entrepreneurs for years and when someone said to me “I didn’t have time to” whatever, what I actually heard was “it just wasn’t a priority.”

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